Please welcome (again) our newly named guinea pig ARLO!
In 2 weeks we are going to resue Arlo a friend and his name is going to be Artie or Arnie. I can't settle on either one of them just yet.

Weigh in

Just a quick note before I go to bed.

Calvin went to the weigh in tonight and dropped another 4lbs. I am so proud of him!! That is a fantastic -14 in 4 weeks! Only 6 weeks remain!

Since I only had 2 name both win! Holly and Sailor and Co., please email me your address.


What's in the box?

Yea, I know what this is!!

confused? Click above!
Thank you! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Addie enjoys raisins! (forgot to add this)

My poor miss-sexed guinea pig is sitting with a girly name. As my daughter is saying. Please blog friends help us pick a name for our little male furbaby. I hope to love one of the names you suggest (I can tend to be picky) and the winner will be getting a surprise gift. If my pickyness gets in the way, I will randomly pick a winner because we all love to have a winner!


Not Me Monday

Another Not Me Monday hosted by Mckmama

When we bought our guinea pig I had no idea the accessories these pets need and love. We re waiting for payday so I have to improvize on some things. A toilet paper roll makes a great hay feeder that is fun to get the hay out and roll around. These animals are tunnel lovers but I did not make him one out of a cigarette carton.

(FYI: I do not smoke in house)

These little animals can be quite the messy ones. That paper bedding they use, boy can it travel around their cage then around your home. I made a "pee pad" I suppose you would call it and it has worked out well. Today I made another but I had no intestions of a tutorial for a guinea pig forum.... nope nuh-uh!

(If you want link comment and I will attach later)

I did not just write a whole Not Me about a guinea pig!

And here is a little tid bit more about our newest family memer. Remember meeting Blondie here. Blondie...ain't that the cutest little girl name? To bad we have miss-sexed our little fur baby. Blondie is actually a boy. And being a boy, needs a name change. According to my oldest daughter. So maybe you can give us some suggestions. And maybe I can pick a name and have a give away... you like that,right? Post comming tomorrow of a name change so check back and suggest a name and maybe win a prize.

Weigh in

Victory! Calvin lost another 3 lbs at this weeks weight in. Putting him at a grand total of 9 lbs in 3 weeks. Not to bad at all. I am sitting at only a loss of 13 total. I dropped 10 fast but have not been able to push past for some reason. Well I say some reason, but it's lack of working out. I want to, I have the motivation but lack the time. It's not my ideal time when Calvin gets home from work because I have been busy with kids all day. I have been getting up with Calvin in the morning (about 4-4:30am) but I am not the type to get up and go right to the work out room. Seems like Addisyn is getting up more and more early each day so I seem to get in 10 minutes and she is at the door "Maaaaamma". I am working on my goals still, feeling better about myself, letting frustration right out the door instead of in the home or bottled within me, and using my husband for support. It feels good. He also uses me for support, we are feeling so healthy as a couple and strong in our marriage. I love the way everything has been!

How to say baby.

I stole borrowed MckMama post, telling the hubby about a pregnancy. See hers in the "Welcome, Number five" post.

And here are mine.

It was a late school night (yes, school night) in 2004. My husband and I had a sneaking suspicion that our future and life as we knew it was going to change, for the best of course. I decided to buy a double pack pregnancy test, in case it was to early to test then I had a backup. Okay confession, it was truthfully because I was young (17) and to save myself the embarrassment of walking through the store with the test in hand and gawking eyes. (Which I did run into a friend's sister at the check out who said, "Really, you think you are pregnant, well I guess, good luck.") Ahem moving on. While I knew the instructions opted to test in the morning, the anticipation was growing, and growing, and growing. My husband went to bed as I sat and watched some T.V., but not for long. I couldn't wait and I knew I had two tests and could retest in the morning. I quietly open the first test, hands shaking with every emotion and ahhhh, now the 3 minute wait. Not! It showed almost instantly. Pink. Bold, dark and pink lines, right there. Now what? My husband is sleeping, along with the rest of the world. Well I go into our room, stir him up a little and whisper "We are pregnant." "uuhuh" WHAT, that is your response...okay, I forgive you and I'll let you sleep. GRR, I have to tell someone, I have to get this out. Mom, no! She has to work in the morning. AhHaa, E. yes, she will be awake. Ring ring, ring ring. "Hello." "Hey, what are you doing?" "Yea, well I just wanted to call real quick and tell you...your going to be an auntie" (Not really my sister or any relation, but might as well be, another post for that though) "What, yay! I am happy for you, that's exciting." So for all intense and purposes, E. was the first to know. For this pregnancy and the story that is next. (read on) I am antsy and it really has not hit me yet, so I go to bed.

Well that was not the end. I had to tell my mother. My father. Oh my, how do I tell my father. I am 17, in school, his only girl, the baby of the family and not married (yet!). Well I do take the other test in the morning, positive. Calvin knows by now but now I have to tell my family. Mom, she is working. Off to go see her. I go into the back (she worked at a restaurant) and I lay the test down. Her expression was a little unreadable. I could not tell is she was happy or not. And sadly after her look, I can't remember what she said. Or if words were exchanged at all. I honestly want to say she implied "well, you now need to tell your father". Or maybe I know how weird I was about having to tell him that that is what is stuck in my head. I am not even real sure how I told him. He was already on a minimal talking basis. As if he is a chatter, but I was, again, his baby, his girl and dating. Dating someone who was 6 years older than me did not help the situation. I assume the talk went something like "hmm yea, so I am pregnant dad" and it is quite likely he said nothing. Must not have been a bad response, I am sure that would have stuck with me.

So there we were 2.5 years later. Calvin was out of town and I was more than sure I was pregnant again. Off to the store again, but this was not a walk of embarrassment this time. I was older, married and ready for another bundle of joy. Again, double pack, just in case. And like before, no morning urine, I had to test now. The 3 minute wait and yes, bold, pink and very much there, a line that meant another baby to welcome into our loving hearts and arms. The news is in, and I call E. Another congratulations from my friend and now to tell the hubby. How? He would be home in 2-3 days and I could wait...right. I wanted to think of something cute and was on a time limit and a budget. Whole room of pink and blue balloons? Fun, but not something I can muster up. So I scrounge around the home and I get the idea. I will wait until he gets home, cook a great dinner and reveal it then. How, you ask? He arrives home, dinner is set and we go about it as if nothing is going on. Because well, he does not know of anything. How did he not see me staring at him with every bite. Waiting for him to see. To see what I want to tell him. A scoop of peas to his fork and then a pause. Smash, slide, glide... #2 we are pregnant, wrote right on the plate he eats from. He looks up "Really?!?" He was very excited. He jumped up from his chair to give me a hug. Don't let him fool you if he tells this story, he was on the verge of tears. Of happiness of course. It was the best reaction. I hope that I can congratulate him again soon with a baby #3 surprise.



to our



Face Lift

Turn The Page is now Paging Jessica. It just fits better for my personality I believe. I would love your input. Reality on the line goes perfect with this as well. Reality meaning state of being real, and that exactly what this blog is about. Me, being real about every aspect in my life!

Not Happy!

I am just not loving the way my blog looks. I know, I am driving you insane with all the changes but I just can't find that love I want for my blog's look. I am pushing so far to even change the name. I used Turn the Page because my last name happens to be Page, but I am in a rut here. Do you have any play on the word Page? Do you have any suggestions? PLEASE help a fellow blogger out.

Weigh In

If you are just joining in on Wednesday weight in, you may want to read this and this. Although I am not putting down your intelligence that you will get the point even for not reading them :) !

Calvin was not as successful on his weight loss this week as he has been. He sadly announced a +1. He was not the only one to see a (+) this week, in a way I guess you could say that's comforting. To him at least. He's the one in it for the challenge after all. I give him the excuses to justify his gain. 1. Sickness. He came down with a cold this week and no one feels like working out while sick. 2. Quitting Tobacco. This week he has quit chewing tobacco and I know from my (failed) experiences, it's not easy and food some how seems to slip past your lips before you can really grasp the situation. So while he may have had a +1 on the scale, he is still a winner for kicking the tobacco.

Calvin can now commit himself into the...

Wordless Wednesday

Not Me! Monday

Earlier this week I was sorting through e-mails, (mostly junk mail) and usually zoom through the checks. STOP! something caught my eye. "McMama is following you on Twitter" I did not "really?" outloud. She is like every other person, yes, but she has 1549692267 fans and 284783 people who follow her, so it was neat. But I did not get as giddy as a kid in a candy store.

I did not blow my diet with chips and 7 layer bean dip last night for the super bowl. Never! I am always on track!

Breakfast, it can be so overrated! So this morning when my daugther asked for a bean dip breakfast, I would have never gave her a chocolate chip waffle with a side of bean dip and say "dig in"

Thought for the week:
We make a living by what we make, but we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill


21 days

3 weeks

They are said to be the magic numbers when working on breaking a habit.

I am working on breaking a habit, but it is the hardest one to break. More so than heroine, tobacco, even alcohol. I have the habit of food. I did not get overweight by having a good relationship with food. I know that, and won't deny the way I abused food. How do you even begin to work on a habit, where your weakness is all around every day, every where! Willpower? If I had enough of that, I wouldn't be overweight would I? Food, it is in our everyday lives, obviosuly, in my home, tv commercials, billboards... and the list goes on. Having food in my home is like having a heroine loaded needle in every cup board for a heroine addic. Maybe heroine is not the best to compare because unlike food, heroine is not heathly in any amount, but the availibility to food on my part is like the loaded needle. Let erase the healthy amount of food. So it would look something like this: Healthy amount Over Eating. Late Eating. Unhealthy foods. Those in bold, they are my heroine, if you will. 1 to 3, those odd are not in my favor. As a family we have also eliminated Unhealthy Foods. So again Healthy amount Over Eating. Late Eating. Unhealthy foods. My needle is only half full (or empty) now. The harder I work, the more it pushes back. Yes, I am down 10lbs (go me) but I can't say I am doing it the most healthy. A healthy weight loss includes eating 1200 calories a day, lots of water, working out, you know the drill, but I am consuming 600, on a good day. You can't just eliminate food, but where can I find my happiness and get my break when food is my habit?

I need a map!

coat on, off, off, on, off, on, off, off, on, off, on, off, off, on, off, on, off, off, on, off, on, off, off, on, off, on, off, off, on, off!

SCREEEEEEEAAAAAAM- - WTF why is she screaming (Addie) Oh that would be because bee has something she wants, or that bee took something from her

THUD- - Brianna I am NOT going to tell you again, do not pick up your sister and tell her to lean back, you are going to give her brain damage from slamming her head on the ground 20 million times a day! SERIOUSLY, I said stop.

skimper..skatter, whoosh, "weeeeeee"- - OMG what are you doing now. Yea I guess running, jumping on my bed and sliding from silky bottom blanket would make that noise and be fun but REALLY you have to much energy and mom has a headache!

Addie, Addie, Addisyn...huh.... boom...screeeeeaaaaaaam! BEE, if you just pushed her off the bed I swear mom she just a a just a she was I didn't, um she....that's it TIME OUT!!!

bounce bounce bounce clomp- - addie after 20k times of bouncing on that ball, with the same face slamming would think you would um i don't know, NOT DO IT!!

scratch the map I have a personal ride to...

Almost a year.

Here in a few months (April 16th) I will have been a blogger, if you will, for one year. I was scanning my blog and noticed the different ways I have wrote, the ways I have attempted to encourage more visitors, start trends, and the way I have grown. While I have been doing this for (almost) a year, I still have room to grow and improve. I can let you know one thing that is certian, the all over the place randomness will never end. But I am sure that's one thing you love about me.

As we get closer to April (and spring time, yay!) I will recap to posts like this. Maybe I can think up a fun give away also. Thank you to all of my readers for stickin it out while I work out kinks and try to get some kind of organization on this blog on mine. (organization may never come, but my randomness is much more fun anyays.)

A tisk-et.A task-it

Its Wednesday and for the hubby that means Weigh In and I am anxiously waiting his arrival home and find out his results. He is sure he is down 5-7 lbs. but that is all depending on his water and food intake today.

UPDATE: He pushed a -6.3. YAY!! I am so proud of him. He stated that he was confident that he was this weeks winner. A bit cocky, if you will. Well a female challenger pushed a -7.5 so he was not the "biggest loser". He plans to work extra hard this week and is determined to to lose more than anyone else. They only have about 10 challengers so I have complete faith that he can push a big numbers and be next weeks prize winner. In every way, he is my winner. -6lbs is awesome for the first week of weight loss! This puts him at about -35lbs total from when he actually began his weight loss, which had it's kick off this last summer.

I am proud to announce that I am down 10 lbs. It's been about 5 weeks that I have been working out and eating well but I have had my share of slip up. Regardless, 2lbs a week is not bad at all! I did have a mental goal of -30lbs by my birthday, which is March 3rd. So I have 30 days to lose 20lbs. I am not about to shoot myself down if I do not meet that goal though. I think I am doing well.
My girls and I attended "Story Time" at the library this afternoon. It was great to get myself and the girls out of the house. The stories were about shadows and the craft was a groundhog, in honor of Punxsutawey Phil or Groundhog's Day! We plan to attend every Wednesday.

Parent Teacher Conferences & then some

Parent Teacher Conerences.
Thursday we had a a meeting with Brianna's preschool teachers. I could stop at "She is on track for her age." Which I am thrilled to hear. Brianna just makes the deadline of September 15th for Kindergarten so her teachers did pose a concern for that. They ran through a few different results of previous children going now versus going in a year. I have always pushed for waiting a year but my husband was set on her going this coming fall. My thought are (and have been) that she will be 4 when she starts school then turning 5. I am not fully comfortable with that. After hearing from the teachers, my same concerns, I believe Calvin is pushing for keeping her out until the following fall. Few things that I believe are making him think differently are things like her being behind on driving when everyone else will be, graduating when she is 17, and the home hitter (for me especially) is if she does happen to fall behind, they no longer hold children back. they just push them off to the next grade, ready or not. We want the best for her. In May we will meet again with her preschool teachers. They are sure she will be on track and it will then be the toss up of her age at that time.

We made it to church this weekend. I expressed my feelings about going (better yet, not going) and he agreed that we need that friendship with the Lord and need the guidence to get there from our church, pastor and friends. After all, a personal relationship with Jesus changes everything.

Thought of the week.
Live your life so you don't have to hide your diary.