Not Me! Monday!

Now who would intentially leave their T.V. set to cartoons on a beautiful Sunday morning, to entertian your to loud, hungry, thirsty, feel like they are super annoying children while you try to recover from the night before...Not Me!

Then there are those people who give their children a friend spam sandwhich or spam and crackers for breakfast... Not Me!

There is NO way that I allow my almost 4yr old to leave the house in clothes she wore to bed ((and then some)) and just pull her matted, ratted, outta control hair into a messy, very messy, pony/bun thing.... Not Me!

our family trip

To Image and video hosting by TinyPic what?!?! Not sure what that about this:

This is the space needle, in Washington! You know how hard it was to find a picture of something "recognizable" in, well when you type Washington in you get Washington DC or pictures of Twilight cast at different locations in Washiongton!


We are going to Washington for one main reason but have big plans while we are there. So our reason is to move my brother-in-law. He is tired of little town life I suppose, or whatever his reasoning, we are helping. ((don't ever own a truck or you will move everyone)) Also our itinerary include seeing my most beautiful sister-in-law Tara >
a most inspiring best friend Shannon > Photobucket
and my homie since we were teeny Erin > Photobucket

I am also hoping to get to the ocean! Addisyn has never been and Brianna I am sure does not remember her trip a few summers ago. There is also a childrens museum that I can just imagine the fun Brianna would have. Maybe I can get Erin and Brianna's bestie Caley to join us and let the girls imagination run wild! Also Shannon and I discussed taking our familys to The Enchanted Forest amusement park. It has this area called Storybook Lane, I think Brianna would fall inlove! the only thing about these places is that I have ran them by Calvin, but nothing is solid! If you are in Washington and know of some unique places to roam, please contact me. I dont want to visit the norm. I would love places that we will really remember and that is not so popular that we will have to wait forever to get in type of thing. You can post here or you can email me please subject email as blog or washington. We will leave the 1st and should be back the 5th or 6th. I can't wait! I am going to get so many pictures, which I will share! EEK! I can't hold my excitement!
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WARING: Spoilers ahead so if you haven't read the book and don't want any surprises ruined, please do not read any further!

I do have to say that I will probably cry. I cried when Edward left in the book, so it is bound to happen in the movie. Shall I stay home and wait for it to come out in video ((eep, that would be hard)) or do I risk breaking down in a movie theater that will be packed I am sure. Last night I watched Inkheart and there was a part that the aunt says "Oh I have been there a million times [through the books]" So when I read twilight (and re-read, and again) I feel that same way. Like it's all to real, and the emotions I get like it's Edward leaving me, or it's Edward loving me. Ok think I am loony it's ok, but I have never got into a book like this. I love the saga, I love the movie, even if it was not as great as I think it could have been, and I love Stephanie Meyer. I remember being so broke when I read the last book, I hope she can come up with 12 more books ((at least)) that are related to Twilight. I would even settle on something that is like Twilight in the way it reads and the way to draws you in. I have heard about the other book has wrote The Host but have yet to pick it up! After I am done with re-reading New Moon I may just have to see about getting The Host. Anyone want to read it along with me?? Post here and we shall see if we can get something going. Or if you have read it, please let me know what you thought about it and what kind of books you are into and why you did or did not like it because of your choice of books.
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NOT ME Monday!

Altho MckMama didn't mention this today on her blog, I will still follow thru with posting mine.
When it comes to children there is nothing they won't try once. They do not have any regrets, and they can care less about taste.... or so it seems!

There was this-

then this-

Family pics!!

These are Addie's first professional photos and also our very first family photos!


As if money hasn't been tight enough, we took our jeep in to the shop for my fallen window and it will be 700$! How do these people sleep at night. They can't even just put it in the up position becuz it's on a pulley system and whatever cord or some sort is broke. Calvin has to move his brother up to Washington in 2 weeks and wants the family to go ((me and the girls)) I just think we will stay home honestly! I mean it would save us money ya know. That and I don't know how Addie will do on a 12-14hour trip. I don't see it being very easy. Money is so frustrating!

about me & more

Well I decided to do a new about me so be sure to check it out >>

When you hear "the grass is greener on the other side" what comes to mind? I thought about this as I was helping and talking to a friend struggling with her marriage. Am I the greener grass to others? Are their many levels to this expression? Now I am not saying that I have a perfect life, but who does. It just made me think of the people who look up to me or my family, my children ect. and whatever. I have never really stepped back to think how others wish they were something like me, or had something that I do. But then there I sit, looking at skinny ladies, thinking that's my green grass, I wanna be skinny, or people with big backyards and houses ((i live in trailer)) and that's my green grass. Is it tho... my green grass or would you classify that as jealousy? Yes?....then what exactly does it mean when you hear "the grass is greener on the other side"? This post is random and kinda out of place I suppose, but sure does make you think, for me at least

I must also add that I thought I was defined by the thing I said and the things I do/have done but it's nothing like that at all! I am most defined by the people I love, the people who love me, my heart and most of all my prayer!

Another cleaning fairy

Yes thats right, another cleaning fairy struck my house. The other day I had to run to the post office, and how wonderful my mother is, she came to watch children while I ran and when I came back she had my dishes all rinsed and ready to be put in dishwasher! That was super nice of her. Also today she is going to come and help me clean my house real good for hubs becuz it's


I have learned so much over our 4 years of marriage. Like I am NOT always right =]!! But also how to reach goals and be successful. Take your time, we are all going one place and why rush things. Always in a hurry to get no where, is how I feel. so CHILL!! My husband has helped me grow into who I am. While I still have room for improvement, I am trying to focus differently. I can't pick and bitch about everything, when it's really nothing, I need to refocus my lens!

NOT ME Monday!

Credit to: MckFamily
I did not ignore the fact that my husband had givin my 3yr old coffee with supper nor did I ignore the fact that my 10month old daughter snagged the cup from the table and proceed to let most drain out of her mouth on a onesie I had just taken tags off of!!

Cleaning Fairy

On Saturday I spent most of the day at my mothers house, just hanging out with the family. Much to my surprise when I came home my living room looked fairly clean. I was a little confused and really had to think to myself "was my house this clean when I left" the answer...NO!! I then thought "yes! i have a cleaning fairy" So with a little detective work, I came to the conclusion my cleaning fairy was.....

My wonderful mother-in-law Sandy~told you she was a great person!!

final look! my ideas expressed....

Well I decided forget relaxing dull colors, lets go BAM!! So my FAV color is now the new look. What-cha think?!?! I love it! I hope to have more buttons and gadgets but that's all to come! But the next to come is this:

click to enlarge!

Yes! My bloggers will now get expressos on their page as a thanx for the love shown to my blog!!! things will be picking up around here, so tell you friends about this cooky, random lady on blogger that they need to check out and follow becuz you never know what's next!

((need a siggy...any help on how to make one show up??? THANX))
If you have been following (thanx Holly and Jelene) you will notice some changes! I am going to be going for more relaxed setting! Earthy colors are wonderful!! You will also notice new banner...same name just a little different twist on everything! Turn the Page is about me and my family makeing decicions to better ourselves, and make a turn around on some situations but it is also MY place to sit and read, post and enjoy! So I hope these changes you will ALSO enjoy! Like a goood cup of coffee! I want to also make it somewhere you enjoy reading, I want to make you laugh and just feel comfy here in your morning ((or afternoon =])) pajamas!!

ADDING: I am NOT loveing what I have up it's bound to change a few times today and maybe even tomorrow! I will let you know when it's complete!!

Dedication to....

My mother-in-law will be the BIG 50 this week. Sandy is so caring, creative, generous, and just so much more. You should hear her sing, it's like morning a thunderstorm =] Words are never enough when it comes to family and those I cherish.

Sandy, when it comes to our relationship, you could say it's a bit like a stream. At first it flows unsteady over rocks, then into a shallow river, blooming flowers on it's journey, and growing with life, to it's fullest, easily slipping into a lake with the best of intentions, the most of the most!! -ok so I tried to be all gushy- Really it just boils down to, at first, you didn't like me, I stuck in there tho! And as you have said, you never would have thought that I would have been the ONE for your son. But now our relationship is strong, and.... ((again gushyness ICK)) well we just go together, or something like that HeHeHaHa! Much love!

OH!!! and....