our family trip

To Image and video hosting by TinyPic what?!?! Not sure what that is...how about this:

This is the space needle, in Washington! You know how hard it was to find a picture of something "recognizable" in washington...no, well when you type Washington in you get Washington DC or pictures of Twilight cast at different locations in Washiongton!


We are going to Washington for one main reason but have big plans while we are there. So our reason is to move my brother-in-law. He is tired of little town life I suppose, or whatever his reasoning, we are helping. ((don't ever own a truck or you will move everyone)) Also our itinerary include seeing my most beautiful sister-in-law Tara >
a most inspiring best friend Shannon > Photobucket
and my homie since we were teeny Erin > Photobucket

I am also hoping to get to the ocean! Addisyn has never been and Brianna I am sure does not remember her trip a few summers ago. There is also a childrens museum that I can just imagine the fun Brianna would have. Maybe I can get Erin and Brianna's bestie Caley to join us and let the girls imagination run wild! Also Shannon and I discussed taking our familys to The Enchanted Forest amusement park. It has this area called Storybook Lane, I think Brianna would fall inlove! the only thing about these places is that I have ran them by Calvin, but nothing is solid! If you are in Washington and know of some unique places to roam, please contact me. I dont want to visit the norm. I would love places that we will really remember and that is not so popular that we will have to wait forever to get in type of thing. You can post here or you can email me jmunizpage@yahoo.com please subject email as blog or washington. We will leave the 1st and should be back the 5th or 6th. I can't wait! I am going to get so many pictures, which I will share! EEK! I can't hold my excitement!


    Never been in that region. Hope it's fun!


    I can't wait! whoop, whoop!!!!