We need to know more....

I am feeling frustrated. Some one was to call Calvin and set up a stress test and they have yet to do it, whats going on?? I find this to be serious, it could be something that needs imediate attention yet they will not call and set up this other test to see exactly what's going on. Ok yes, it could be something mild but, if they know something more and that's why they are taking their time, well could you let US know so we are not stressing over this, and thinking of the worse. I can tell you its getting the best of my husband at times. How do I stay strong and positive for the both of us. Well I know I am doing my best!! I need to rely on the Lord more. I know that this going to work out but I find myself questioning WHY! I just want to know whats going on so we can deal with this as it needs to be dealt. I hope to get a phone call and an appointment for his stress test very soon.

Calvins EKG

On April 23rd Calvin went to the doctors to get a follow up on the health fair ((where they took his blood for testing)) When going through his history he informed the nurse of the chest pain he has been having. The nurse excused herself at that time, and then the doctor came in and proceeded to tell his nurse to get Calvin an EKG (Electrocardiography)! The doctor ((after EKG)) then informed Calvin that is was abnormal! It is normal for an EKG to have spikes and dips and flutters that sit at line even. The doctor (we will call him DR.H) let Calvin know that his dips where what make his EKG abnormal. While other less serious things can cause this, DR.H's concern is Calvin's chest pain he has been having for a few months. Now this is not the first doctor to know about Calvin's chest pains. The last doctor played these pains off as dealing with gull bladder or kidney stones ((which Calvin did pass in Aug.06 and another in Oct.06)) We have been researching and reading up on all of this and have also come across the more serious results of an abnormal EKG! Myocardial defects, heart valve disease, enlargement of the heart, inflammation of the heart, coronary artery disease, and past, pending or impending heart attacks are only a few of the problems that EKG's can help to detect. While we are not sure what are causing these abnormal reads, it is surely a reality check. We have to get healthy! There are no way around this. Calvin's blood pressure is also high and his cholesterol as well,is high. He is now on meds for both of them. He will go back to the doctors when they can get him in, in a few weeks, and he will take a stress test and get further information on what is going on. Please keep positive thoughts for him. Pray if it's your thing, but more then anything just hope for the best, keep him in your thoughts, and check in often for updates. I will give more as I know more!

((also to come is wrote by him detail of this visit how he felt and how he told the family

Autism Auction

April is Autism Awareness month and to this I would like to present this Mac-a-Doodle one size cloth diaper and 18 mon tee shirt set complimented by this lovie monkey from Piddle Poodles!! 100% of this donation will go to Friends of Autism! I myself have not had any person close to me that is autistic but I still want to help fight for a cure.
Please bid *HERE*

my fathers surgery

Tomorrow after noon my father is schedualed for shoulder surgery. winters in Wyoming can be dangerous and that does not exclude the stair right outside your home. My father was taking out the trash like any other day, but this time there was slick ice on the front stairs and when he slipped, like anyother person naturally would do, he tried to catch himself. This resulted in torn muscles ((I think there was something else but I can't recall it))! So to those that read this, words of encouragement for steady hands of the doctors, fast healing, and safe drive home ((my mother is driving him home)) are welcomed. As I know more, or is anything changes I will be sure to update. I have enough believe to know things will go well.
He is out of surgery and about ready to be released. My mother said they gave him before and after pictures so they can see all the damage. Everything went well! Thank you to everyone who said a word or to in favor of my father and the doctors!
For reasons unknown my children were well behaved today, well more so then other days. I put Addie in her crib thinking she would nap and Bee sat down with a movie while I rearranged my living room. even though Addie did not sleep, her and big sister were very good for the 30 or so minutes I needed to clean.


It is kinda hard to see exactly how it is done up but I promise you it opened up my living room and I really love it! remember "shoe basket" from previous post...here is new and improved:
Much better right!
Hubby was pleased and approved of my alters. I was a little worried he wouldnt like it as he is not well adapted to change some times.

Get Organized and Declutter

Why not kick off my journey to being a better house wife by getting organized! Todays project:

I dislike this shoe basket. It looks cluttered and there are so many shoes in there that we dont even wear it's not funny! Today I plan on going thru them and I have these cool shelf-y things that I will put our most used shoes on. I may change their location as well. also I will have to move the vacuum! Addisyn has found it and loves to chew on the cord, and pull it over on her~YaY! wish me luck. If i get real energetic I would like to reagrrange the living room also! could be interesting with the 2 children!

top ten

There is always room for improvement and I will be the first to admit I am not being all I can be as a mother, wife, friend and daughter.Here are my top ten fifteen on this I will be working on improving!
((ten)) less arguing and yelling and more praise
((nine)) strict T.V. time and more dance/craft/activity time
((eight)) less computer time {{yet here I sit}}
((seven)) night time routine {.bath.book.bed.}
((six)) organization
((five)) more photography, as my girls are growing so fast and i don't want to miss anything
((four)) become better house wife -cooking.laundry.dishes.dinner ECT-
((three)) save money . spend less
((two))take time for myself
((*[one]*)) pick up my bible that is collecting dust! Teach and learn from it!
((*[one]*)) believe in myself
((*[one]*)) be more thankful for my husband and his hard work
((*[one]*)) take more time for family and family activities
((*[one]*)) get healthy for my family and myself
((*[one]*)) spend more intimate time with hubby
sorry looks like my top ten had to be extended!! I am not perfect, and I don't want to be, but things do need to change! I believe if I conqure this list, my family will be much happier and I will also be much happier! I have been in a sort of slum for a bit and this needs to be fixed!

Patti Lee

Patti Lee played at our church today and what a motivational singer she is. She is very down to earth and I love her message and the message in all of her music. It's been a month or so since I attened church so this was nice to get back in there. I am going to be attending regularly!! There is NO excuse not to! There was a song that her and another fellow church member sang...man it was GOOOD! Talked about no matter how clean your house is, or how great things are at your home, "if you have dust on your bible you have dirt in your heart"! Altho it was a funny song, the message was still strong. I dont know today was different then other days... I really felt touched and inspired. Below you will find one of her songs that I just love and that she performed. ((dont forget to pause my other music*this is something you will want to listen to))

todays photography

Well I do not claim to be a professional or anything, but I do enjoy photography!! here is what I took today. Not to bad huh.

My 3yr old wouldn't sit still long enough to snap one pic that wasn't blurry! Maybe another day. I am finally really working with my camera ((figured some things out AFTER these photos)) so I think there are more great pictures ((and better ones)) to come!

the first

Where do you start with your first blog? Well I will start with some things that I am passionate about. First I will start with:

They are more than the world to me. I would do anything for any one of my family! They keep me strong, comfort me when I cry, laugh with me some times at me, and they are just wonderful!

My girls. Brianna Joyce ((3yrs)) and Addisyn May ((7 months))

Brianna (bre-yon-a) is a rolling ball of fire! always so much engery, overly excited over the smallest things, and my first born. She will always be my baby! Altho a pain at times she can be, she always wins your heart with her silly songs or extended vocabulary. "that's hillarious" she tells me. I can't help but smile

Addisyn (add-i-sin) loves to laugh and smile. She has broke thru 6 teeth and when she smiles you cant't help but feel all warm and gooey inside. She is still working on crawling but does know how to do the worm. Not really the army crawl but more wave like movements and boy is she quick. My girls are total packages and a true gift to our family!

I love photography! I am not great at doing it, but I sure would love to learn more, get tips, and have great photos for my memory and for the sake of my girls!

Is this silly that I am a 22yr old. SAHM ((stay at home mother)) and I am a fan of....

Yea I loved the saga! I sat for hours reading and reading! I can't believe it's over and yes:

I could go on and on about Twilight and you will see many things I am sure in this blog about it! It's the only book I have read since like high school and call me a nerd but I am re-reading the first book now, and yes...plan to re-read them all! I can't wait for New Moon to come out! EEEK

Well for tonight -since i have been working on this post for hours- this is the end...until tomorrow: