It is finally that time.

You have heard about it few a few weeks now...well it's time. Well I am glad that you are here for the first random and unorganized blog party. Giveaway. Hop. Not even sure the name of it, but happy none the less.


This is my first Open To Anything giveaway, make it yours! I want to make this giveaway all about you. I would love you to share recipes your family loves, pictures of flowers that you are proud of, places you plan to or would love to go, everything and anything pertaining to you and yours.   Please link up below with the post you want to share with us and get an entry to win. If you do not have a blog to link to, no worries on being left out, just share in a comment, things about you. Anything about you? Yes, anything. Interested in another entry for the giveaway? Then follow my blog! How about another entry? Okay, follow me on Twitter. (click here) Please comment below that you follow both to get your extra entries.

Posts coming soon about my year of blogging. I hope you enjoy and while you have a few days to link up, TELL YOUR FRIENDS to join up with us!

*Link up begins May 1st.*

Simplify for Sanity!

Ok, just say it... SLACKER!

I have been cleaning, and decluttering, I just have not been posting. Or doing any before/after pictures. But I decided after I threw out a toilert paper bag full of junk from under my bathrrom sink yesturday that I had been do something for the blog-a-roo. I was avoiding my blog, yes! I am still so crammed with how to do the whole thing. I may just do a one day give away! How does that sound?

Moving on, I will come back to that in another post. Ok on with the cleaning. Want to see what I have been up to?

Stove- this is a catch all, not any more!
(don't mind laundry back there, it was clothes day)

Counter- I really should have taken before pictures. This area was awefully crowded.
I love the open space I now have.

Bathroom- I don't understand why the top of the bathroom counter
is always so pilled with things. This looks a lot better.
Maybe one reason it get's so crowded up top is because...

There are useless amounts of things you don't use under the sink where things you should use.
Like you see in this (now) garbage bag.

Helps to have some sort of organization under the sink as well. Look how fancy.
(Until you lose some thing down that massive hole!)

So I haven't been on track with Lynnette exactly but I haven't been completely worthless either.

I did not realize... hard it is to get things settled and ready for a giveaway. I would like to have a huge post about it but I am just a bit lost. So this is a ramble about what I am working on and a tid of information on the giveaway.

I would love to have a button for all my compadres (that's you) to put up on your blog and tell everyone about, but wouldn't you know, I have no idea how to make a button box. I am still working on figuring that out.

I have had 2 loverly ladies volunteer their magic of making into my giveaway. I am thankful for that. Thank you Carri (@BoogerBear) and Erin (@Homemade Love) I am very excited to show you what they have to offer.

My blog "birthday" is at the end of this month, but in order to really get things together I may push the "party" until May 1st. I am sure you can understand, and a give away is a giveaway weather it's on time or not. I have some organized thoughts about what the week should be like but once they are on computer, they are not as organized.

This is what you get with someone as random as I! Stick with me as I figure out my first TRUE giveaway. Any tips you may have, that would be helpful also. Thank you!

(PS) Holly, remember when you won here? Yea, I have NOOO idea what happened but your prize was misplaced (awesome, right?) but it has been found and will be in the mail tomorrow (Tuesday). Also Sam@Sailor&Co.I still need your address, as I just realized I do not have it for your (also misplaced) prize.

Have you notice....

my photography? A few tips and tricks applied here and there and my photos are not looking to bad. Do you agree? Well I took another "photo-op" today while the children and I played in the hall with Arlo and Woodie. OMG, did I introduce Woodie?? Oh well see below for that, as I am sure I didn't...Actually, SHE needs a whole post to herself, watch for it.


On with the pictures you say? Okay.
Arlo and Woodie


Arlo and Woodie



Do you remeber when i said I would like to feature my husband here in this post, well I am going to work on him this weekend since he is off and see if he can't muster us a post about "Living with Perthis."

Today is Tuesday!

( lack of words for a will do!)
I remember someone having a "Because children live here"... it's been awhile since I have seen it going on, but this would be mine. Addisyn has figured out how to twist and turn knobs. To prevent fires or uncooked food (yes, have had food turned off, but no fires) I removed the knobs. It can tend to be a pain but as always, safety first.

A princess lives here. What? You didn't know. We are loving the moments when she wants to sing us made-up songs, be announced as today's beauty pageant contestant, dance, twirl and tumble her way on to the "stage" and entertain our family, daily. I can really see her personality shinning through. 

Don't worry MckMama, my floor needs to be swept also. I broke my broom the other morning when I was sweeping my car off. I have ran the vacuum over it a few times (not today obviously) but there is just something about that carpet sweeper and doing a good job on my linoleum floors.


Do you like giveaways?  I am working on a big giveaway week in honor of 1 year of blogging. Fun, right? Please, tell your friends to stop by, I think they could also enjoy it. Post with all details coming soon.

Monday Randoms!

Spring weather has been fairly kind to us and we have been taking advantage of it!!

From the top Jesse, Jude, Addie, Jake and Brianna.

Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (Single-Disc Version)If you have not seen this yet and have children, you need to. While the first movie always seems to be better, this was pretty close in rankings. The little Chipettes were so cute and Brianna just melted over all of them. SPOILER: Brianna says that me and daddy should get a chipmunk tattoo like the Principle. She can be so silly.

Great for the family.