The whole Tooth, and nothing but the Tooth!

When my daughter was around 2 years old, her teeth started to turn yellow then brown, just the 4 front ones. Well I brushed and brushed but nothing gave. So finally we took her to the doctors and they said she had to have them removed. My hubs had enamal problems when we was young also, so maybe it has something to do with that, not sure. So here she was just over 2 and had no front teeth. She pulled off the look so well! She ws cute with or without teeth, but it did take some getting used to. So here to share a few pics with/without teeth!



With... hehe.haha

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Quick Thinking

Sometimes you will do anything to entertain children. Tonight was no different when we decided to throw money into the yard for a treasure hunt ! My daughter is quicker than lightening when it comes to great ideas and after all visable change was picked up she goes to my brother and with a sigh asks "Where is the metal detector?"

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I follow a blog here on blogger known as My Charming Kids or you may have heard of MckMama. Well her little boy Stellan has a heart condition that makes his heart beat too fast at times. I follow her on Twitter and from her recent tweets, found out he is not doing well. He is in SVT (rapid heart beat aka Supraventricular Tachycardia) Please send up words of strength, healing, knowledge and health for Stellan. MckMama's Stellan's favorite color is orange, so in support of Stellan not feeling well, GO ORANGE! ((some posts about orange HeRe))

Always praying for Stellan in Wyoming!!

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Flybaby Friday!

I don't know what it is about Flylady that just gets you up and moving, but I know I love the result and my hubs is so happy to see the home nice and clean and me happy. I enjoy cleaning now. Yes you heard right, I enjoy cleaning. This week has been very successful. My bedroom got vacuumed for the first time in probably a year.(I know, gross huh, but we sleep in there, and that's it, never crosses my mind to vacuum in there) My kitchen has looked great all week, and what has helped me in there is shining my sink. Once the sink looked great, I had to clean the rest of it! Just had to. So it looks awesome now. Another thing that has helped with the kitchen is I will not leave dirty dishes in there. In the morning I unload it, all day load it up and then at night, after all dishes are in there, start it and start over in the am with unloading. I also have been taking 15 minutes a day and setting my eyes on a Hot Spot or I pick a place to declutter. 15 minutes, not a big deal!

Something I want you to do this week (kind of a challenge) is get a timer, and go into a room, set it for 10 minutes. Clean organize, dust, vacuum whatever in that 10 minutes and when the timer goes off, you are DONE! Stop! "Don't obsess, set your timer for 10 minutes for each task, then QUIT!" ~ Kelly Please refer to the weekly home blessing hour While I take my ten minutes in each room, you may dedicate your time to different tasks. Today will be my first home blessing hour and I choose to do 10 in each room because I have 6 rooms in my home. You may find that it actually take under 10 minutes for a room, especially if you have been doing your swish and swipe in your bathroom(s) it may only take you 5 minutes. What you do with the remaining 5 minutes, totally up to you =]! So what do you say ladies, set your timer and get that grime!!

Your Friday focus is located here!

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Beautiful Breakfast

It's tuesday again and lets be random... Good morning from the Breakfast Club! This morning was no different from any other. Children jumping through the kitchen, loud noises everywhere, excitment for a beautiful day and so on! Well we took advantage of this beautiful day and munched on cereal outside!! F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S

Thank you lord for a perfect, sunshine day!!

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Baby Genius...Perhaps

When your children are playing and entertaining themselves you are usually busy picking up toys, getting dishes washed ECT. Well that was just the site today in the kitchen! As Addie was taking all the magnetic alphabet off of the fridge I was getting the dishes loaded in the dish washer and clearing the counters.

I look over and notice she is putting letters back to the fridge and I was pleased that my 11 month old child was cleaning her mess up! As I finish getting the kitchen tidy I look to see she only has a select few on the fridge. Of course as a mother I got to pick up the remaining letters on the fridge, but not before I notice what letters she has put back on!

Can you guess what her Grandmothers name is?

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F.L.Y with me (F.inally L.ove Y.ourself)

I have been referred to a site that is for cleaning. That's the best way I can put it. Wait something else came to mind, a program to reconstruct your cleaning habits. Whatever sounds better, you choose. One thing that caught my eye in the Welcome email was this from her personal experience.

The tenth thing I learned was that clutter in a room overwhelmed me and I had a hard time moving. I guess this is why I tried to find things outside of our home to do instead of having to think about cleaning house because it bothered me.

This is totally me! I often go to my mothers home or to the park or any where to avoid and not see my home and clutter. Also refered to is CHAOS which means "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome". Again totally me! I do not like that Calvin will get off of the phone and tell me his mother is coming over and I get a panic attach and hurry to make my house company ready. While this does not usually take a whole lot because I am not disgusting, I would like it to look a lot better and not roughly cleaned. It is explained that house work should not be punishment, but as a way to love yourself because we deserve to live in a home that blesses us day in and day out! Not just when company is coming!

When she says "It all began with being nice to myself!" I then think this is my time to be nice to myself! But not only to myself but my husband. He deserves a home that is clean, and not cluttered with dishes not done and laundry everywhere (usually clean)! This all plays into my Top Ten! So if you live in CHAOS and you want to FLY please log onto and join her site, get the emails and every Friday right here on my blog we will do FLYbaby Friday. I want you to share pictures of the before and after you unclutter, or tell us what day you are on in the baby steps section. I recommend signing up for the emails as they are very inspirational and motivational. Some have missions, others are success stories. I am super motivated to get my house together and learn good habits of cleaning.

Have you shined your sink today?

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Show love.

A friend of mine is just opening herself to the blogging world. Drop by and say hello.

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Do you feel like you are running around in circles, your house will never be clean, you just may loose your mind...I can bet you are a mother. This week you will step into my life as a mother of two energetic, outgoing, driving mother crazy daughters in Because children live here.

Its a nice summer day, you hear laughter, lemonade quenches your thirst, and your children are wild baboons running about and making you smile. The beautiful day God blessed you with comes to an end so you head inside, put on a movie and snuggle close. The next morning, you decide to take a seat outside by yourself for one minute with your precious children lay restless, and your yard is a mess. You swore the balls were gathered, the snack plate taken inside, and bikes put in their parking area, you were wrong.

Toys scattering your lawn...

Because children live here.

Potty training, oh what a blessing. I love the age of diapers, but the diapers them selves, not so much. So my oldest has been trained since she was just shy of two, but there are some things they just forget about. Wiping, it's a big deal, they have to take that much more time out of playing. Then flushing, wow, more moments taken away from the toys unplayed with for seconds, it's rough. So my daughter takes her bathroom breaks and I always say, don't forget to wipe sweetie. Then pitter patter to the toy room or back out side begins and I then have to say, "Oops, you forgot to flush!" Where am I going with this well...

Toilets get broke from hurried flushing...

Because children live here.

Sunrise (and sunset) are blessings in disguise. Sunrise begins a glorious day and sunset is another day survived (if you are a mother this makes perfect sense) But when sunrise is not your ideal time to wake, the blessing is hard to believe in. That was the case this week. My youngest daughter, who now I know is cutting teeth, decided 10 til 3:00am was a good time to wake. She fussed some so I gave her the binki, got back to bed and she was fussing again. This time we shared a moment over a bottle, and I laid her back down and she was calm for 10 minutes or so. My hubs then got up around 3:12am and he was back and forth with her a few times before I said to just bring her into bed with me. She then thought it was play time. Karate chopping my face, laughing, kicking...out of bed we went. Guess she was ready to be awake, mommy, yea...NO! She did go back to sleep about 5:30 am but I had already had 2 cups of coffee, so there was no sleeping for me at that time.

Seeing the sun rise...

Because children live here.

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We have all been there done that when it comes to talk about High School. Even if you were home schooled, those years were tough! I know that I was never the popular kid, but I sure did try! I tended to follow trends, give in to peer pressure, but I also became myself in all that madness. I found the trends I didn't give up, I found friends I still love til' this day and I find myself following fashion must do's and don'ts! Where am I going with this... take a look below at the 2 pictures.
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Yes that is my headband and totally rocking purse that I sported today. I went to far to transfer diapers, wipes and all mother/child needs to this purse so I could be sure to stun someone with my fashion awesomeness! I also wore a yellow tank under my brown tank, sorry no pic! I know, you are thinking, she is fabulous! No, I just had to laugh at myself for making everything flow together. I mean a purse to match...really, who does that! But it is pretty rockin huh! =]

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Blog Hop...Ribbit.

MckLinky blog hop: theme: 3 things you didn't know about me. This could get interesting.

I hold many secrets. Not because they are about people, or I know something like undercover-ish but because they tend to be just embarrassing! It's ok to laugh at me as I pull 3 things out of my "Never tell or forever be laughed at" box.

One: Do you take your time flipping through magazines in hopes to find one that really catches your eyes, put in cart and move on. Well I try to look as if I am doing just that, but I have no intent to buy. I am simply trying to find the one that smells the best! I know weird right. I smell and move on. The ones with the "try me" perfume, GaG! That just messed up the whole thing for me. My favorite (that's right I am going to tell you the best smelling magazine) is Better Homes & Garden. Now next time you are in the store, I am sure you will pick one up just for a sniff...won't you?! And now you are smiling thinking, yeah I probably will.

Two: Things people eat can vary in big ways. Sometimes a little something added is no big deal, other times people will gawk and think "She must be pregnant" So if you see me eating cottage cheese that reeks of garlic, or saltine crackers with chocolate frosting a top, maybe even jalapenos in my spaghetti, don't look for a baby bump, some things are just better modified.

Three: Marriage is a beautiful thing. My hubs and I have been married for 4 strong years. We have grown so much, we have learned to love or deal with quirks each other presents, and our two biggest relationship holds are God and communication. One thing you may not know about our relationship is it actually started 6 years ago. So you want to crunch some numbers. 4 years married, 6 year relationship total, I am 22 years old, hubs is 27, almost 28 (in november) So 6 years ago he was = 22 (when we got together) and I was..... = 15 (turning 16 the following March). 6 years apart, quite the difference, so don't be fooled by people who say age differences can be bad!

MckLinky Blog Hop

NOT ME! Monday!

Children can be so unpredictable. You think a long day at the park and in and out of the swimming pool at grandmas would make any child have a good night sleep, well not my child. At an early 3am I peek from under my covers to my almost 4yr old wide eyed and hungry. Being a great mother I did indeed get out of bed and wash some grapes for her to munch. No one would ever let their child fend for them selves into the fridge and eat unwashed grapes. Not Me!

Being a house wife is a very privileged job. My hubby could send me to work, and I am sure has thought about it. It is fair that he makes the money to pay the bills and keep family housed and fed and I stay home with kids, clean, make dinner, and all other house duties. So when I say that my hubby comes home to a messy house, unfolded laundry and sometimes has to cook, you would know I was fibbing, right?!?

When your children watch T.V you monitor what they watch. Most people do at least. I mean there are just some things that are not for children. Your children hears "Are you ready kids?" and they wonder into the room, knowing Sponge Bob is about to start. If your child came to the sound of "insert Law&Order tune" is there something wrong with this!?! Law&Order is not my daughters favorite show, nor does she love Olivia Benson and actually knows her real name is Mariska! Not Me! My Daughter!

((Please note, my daughter is very advanced for her age, and she knows that it is all fake! If it's a story I find would not be in her best interest, trust me I do change the channel. Please no bashing))

You can head over to Mckmama's blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

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Play Room Frenzy

This is mucho better! It is this condition I would love to see the play room in. Of course this was all me. Brianna is staying the night at her g-ma's so no help from her this time. I am hoping to work on some kind of system between her and I to keep it picked up!

Then I took these next two pictures just to show I made more room for the many toys, and put the books on that table! I am in search of some sort of book shelf!

Original Post-
The play room is always my issue! The wild excitement a.k.a frenzy of billion of toys to strew across is just not my thing. Why does it excite my child so much that EVERY toy must be on the floor. THEN she will tell me " I wanna to play with my block...out here(living room)" and I have to tell her no because it's always right after I have cleaned and toys should stay in the toy room, that's why I moved them to that room, right?!? We have tried to clean it up every night, but that soon didn't work because she was too tired to clean. Then we tried the mid day before Addie takes a nap, well then it just gets messed up again. I do not know the best way to take care of this! I mean it's not a BIG deal that its a complete wreck, but then again it interferes with my OCD and needs to be clean sometimes. I am working with Brianna on chores and helping me out, but the play room she refuses to do! Maybe the issue for her is so many places to put toys. I am thinking of investing in just one big toy box. Clean up would be so much easier but then I have this feeling things will be harder to get to! It's a never ending frenzy!

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things just seem to PoP in my head like...

I don't remember last week, but I sure will tell you everything from when I was younger! Like songs from shows I would watch as a child, or weird things my mom used to say when I was a child, someones old old phone number, but one thing that I thought about today was Unsolved Mysteries. Watched as a child and as an adult when it was on. Not the new one with...whatever his name is, but the original with Robert Stack! How I remember his name, who the heck knows HAHA! I am always bad with names, but I watched Unsolved Mysteries pretty religiously when it was aired on Lifetime It was just the thing to do haha. So back to my memory, today the opening song danced in and out of my humming then BAM I heard it loud and clear in my head, in my voice mixed with Roberts "Please write to P.O. Box 11449 Burbank California 91510-1449" Now who in their right mind remembers an address at the end of a broadcast and not only remembers it, but for years!?! Obviously ME. It's been how long since the show was on?? Also it's no longer write to, it's email or text or call. None of this hand written, parcel mail stuff. I wonder if that is still a valid address....humm!

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I know I am a day late, but I still wanted to participate!

Since my daughter was born we have used cloth diapers. I am a totally addict to them. I like to talk to any and all who will listen, but around here people are quick to pass judgement. I am trying to think of a creative way to expose more people around here to cloth, and have them really take an interest. Guess it's just something I have been pondering for a while. Maybe I can set up a booth or something at the craft fair...whenever that is HAHA!

I want to share some of the brands I have come to love.

While their prices are to high for me, and we no longer used serged fitteds ((type of cloth diaper)) I love the fabrics of The Goodmama

On of my favorites that I still use a lot are BagShotRowBamboo a.k.a BSRB's. These are on the very tippy top of my fav list.

Other then my diapers I have made, my stash consists of BSRB, heartland dreams, a few other WAHM (work at home mom) diapers. But I mostly use mine and BSRB's! Ok that's my totally random for the day! Want to know more, please let me know, like I said I enjoy talking about anything to do with clother diapers!

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Just for Olive

At our adventure to the Newport beach in Oregon, my daughters proudly sported their Saving Olive tee-shirts by KKDesigns. You can read all about olive and her adoption story here. Please send Ashley a little word of encouragement as she fights the adoption budget, and the ins and outs of trying to adopt.

In Newport, Oregon, we pray for Olive!

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Washington/Oregon family trip 2009

When you have a truck, you are often asked for "favors". In this case we moved my brother in law Zac up to Vancouver, Washington. Instead of a quick, as quick as a 14 hour drive can be, we decided to make a family vacation out of it. Much needed anyways. Along for the very long drive was my husband and I and our 2 more than wonderful daughters, Brianna and Addisyn. I must add that we stopped at a cute little restaurant for lunch and got the girls these cute "little stinker" t-shirts, pics to come! It was in Black Canyon and it is located at mile marker 13 in Idaho.

The ride went fairly well, until we reached stop and go traffic in portland/vancouver. Then it was "i have to pee" "addie is stinky" Addisyn screaming, calvin saying, in his most trying not to yell voice "you have to hold it brianna" "addie, we are almost there sugar please be quiet" finally arriving at my sister and brother in laws place in Vancouver and aaaah, relief! A BIG thank you to Scott and Tara for letting us bed at their home, and for feeding us awesome dinners! Brianna enjoyed playing with cousin Olivia, Addie seemed to attach herself to Scott there for a while, but Auntie Tara took the cake by feeding, watching, and playing with Addie! Thank you again Tara!!

Our first adventure, excluding the drive, was to Oregon Zoo (thursday 7/2)! It was actually the first time Brianna and myself had been to a zoo. I know hard to believe that a 22 yr old hasn't been to a zoo, but I tell the truth!

Brianna says her favorite part were the monkeys. Can't be because it was a mirror image right?!?! Kidding. This trip we left Addie with Auntie Tara, and I am sure glad we did. It was way to hot and to much walking for me to pack her around. We would have been miserable.

The next day (friday 7/3) we had already planned to drive about 3 hours to the Oregon coast and meet up with Shannon. Shannon and I met through and it was an instant friendship. It actually started by me asking for a pumpkin butter recipe. Then we would chat here and there, and then it was always on yahoo messenger, and web-tizing (Briannas word for web cam)! I already can't wait to meet up again with her and her family, Charlie, Kairon and Colton. It was so easy to hang out with her, it felt like we had been doing it for years. I truely plan to head up there or meet in the middle very soon! We shall see what works out! I miss you Shannon and family!

After an awesome lunch prepared by Shannon (chicken salad sandwiches and mac salad) we headed to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Brianna's favorite part about the aquarium was the petting area. Sorry no pics, they all seemed so fuzzy. My favorite part though, was the water tunnels. Fish. sharks, sting rays all around swimming, it was really cool.

Brianna spent a lot of time on the floor looking at the everything swimming below her. I on the other hand could not even walk on the floor glass, something freaky about that to me. Tara said the first time she went she was the same way, but I could go there a million times and still not be okay with it.

After a few hours spent at the aquarium, we headed to the beach. Although chilly, it was beautiful. My crazy child decided that cold enough to have ice burg water would be fun to play in, so a wet, and sandy Brianna had to have pants removed, and as every great mother sometimes forgets extra clothes, she was left in her panties! Oops!

Pantie Brianna and Kairon run to the water!

Up by the gazebo, there was something you just don't see where I live. Someone making a living out on the streets. I asked if it was a hobby and he said "Well I am semi retired and do this as a bit of an income" He also mentioned that he used to make his own glass beads but the material got to heavy to carry around with him. He did give me permission for this pic also! His work was awesome, I should have got something to bring home. (by the way, he is knotting and tieing hemp bracelets, necklaces and other goodies)

On the 4th one of my friends came to visit. Erin used to live here, but 2 years ago moved her and her daughter to washington. she says she loves it there, and it's a fresh beginning for her and her daughter. I quote "the people here only have to know as much as you want them to know." How true that is! Caley, her daughter loves her bestie Bonna (as how Caley says Brianna) and it was wonderful to see the girls play together, it's been to long since they were together. It was also nice to see Erin, it's been well over a year since we really got to hang out and talk about anything we wanted with no rush on time.

Our way home on interstate 84 was mostly uneventful besides the Sumpter Junction Restaurant in Baker City OR! It has a play train that runs through the restaurant and even comes right by your table. We stumbled across this place 2 years ago on our first family trip, again to Washington. When we say the mile sign read 13 miles to Green River, I never thought it looked so beautiful! I was happy to finally be home, even if it was 1am. (if you click the link above to restaurant, it will take you to youtube and it's a little short clip of the place. The booth with the lady in blue -on the left- is actually where we sat and it's right by the big display and Brianna peered in that window almost the whole time watching the train over and over. It's hard to have your child eat when there was something so interesting going on right behind you. I am glad that she enjoyed it so much, Addie eh, not so much she just wanted to eat!

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