I know I am a day late, but I still wanted to participate!

Since my daughter was born we have used cloth diapers. I am a totally addict to them. I like to talk to any and all who will listen, but around here people are quick to pass judgement. I am trying to think of a creative way to expose more people around here to cloth, and have them really take an interest. Guess it's just something I have been pondering for a while. Maybe I can set up a booth or something at the craft fair...whenever that is HAHA!

I want to share some of the brands I have come to love.

While their prices are to high for me, and we no longer used serged fitteds ((type of cloth diaper)) I love the fabrics of The Goodmama

On of my favorites that I still use a lot are BagShotRowBamboo a.k.a BSRB's. These are on the very tippy top of my fav list.

Other then my diapers I have made, my stash consists of BSRB, heartland dreams, a few other WAHM (work at home mom) diapers. But I mostly use mine and BSRB's! Ok that's my totally random for the day! Want to know more, please let me know, like I said I enjoy talking about anything to do with clother diapers!

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    I enjoy talking CDs too! hehe I like those darn GMs but they really are expensive! When I had them I bought all of mine secondhand from DS. I had 3 new ones I got as a gift *ahem* I mean that Kyndra got as a gift.


    Hey :0)........I'm so happy you participated!!! I would LOVE to use cloth diapers, but I have no place to really stash the dirty ones......(we live in a townhouse).....I was thinking of buying those cloth diapers that had the liners in them that you throw away......but then that kind of defeats the purpose then, huh???.......