H.W. Halloween && More

October twenty T E N::
well not only did we hunt in October but it holds my FAV.
holiday! Halloween.
(See pictures below)
My little "bugs" had a great time and we ran all
over town, to family and friend and just had a blast!!

Nov.2010-Cal turns 29...Yes, that means we are approaching the big T H R E E oh! Eeek.

And finally DEC. 2010» we sign all papers and move into our home! It was days
before Christmas and we were in. But do we really move in NOW!
The tree is set, home lightly decorated and we were
not sure what to do!
But what better way to break in a new home than
to celebrate a holiday. We moved quickly. And were in on
Dec. 23, 2010! Yipee.

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A sleepy Addie & her FAVoriTE song! W/mama.

Click Here && enjoy :)


Hunting season 2010 ( !!!! )
10/10/10-panned out to be our
lucky day!

First year hunting and I did it.
I shot my first, little 4 point deer.
It was a RUSH.

To top it off, Calvin also shot his BiGGesT deer
EVER! He now hangs on the wall with pride.

We also went for elk season. I had no luck but
Had the most awesome
experience! I had 4 bull elk walk out of the trees
at about 30yards. I had adrenaline pumping like no other,
but wouldn't you know, the season had turned to cow only!
I would of had a dandy elk to showcase next to
Calvin's deer! :)

BRiANNA's Vlog

-- I couldn't figure out how to post right on to the
 post so sorry to detour you to youtube.
 You will not be disappointed though.
She felt like a celebrity getting her "interview"!

I will hold you here no longer...
let BRiANNA tell you how her first day of school went!

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Hello Chums--It has been a little over a year since I have posted a blog but that is about to change!! I have the time, I'm sure I can find a lot to say and here we GO:

About history week-- There has been some activity this last year and I will post this week .only. about what has been on the Page archive.

August 2010>Addie turns 2...she's SO big and I absolutely love my baby girl.

September 2010>We started the adventure of buying a home. It was a long grueling process. There is so much that goes into getting ready to buy a home, finding a home and then even more into getting the home you have come to love... Brianna turns 5! Another year of preschool to better her and how it helped tremendously!! -in fact today she went to kindergarten and did fantastic on the drop off, well get there though!-

Jessica signing off for now!! Welcome me back my fellow bloggers!
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Testing...I know it's been a year since you've seen my face here...let's just see if this mobile text in works right :)