There is just something about neglect and blog that go together in the summer. I actually have a hard time understanding it. I have been on the computer. Some times for hours minutes, yet I still steer from my blog. I have a theory... there is too much to blog about. We have been so busy with family activites, parks, and randomness that I am not sure where to put it all. I said I would come back with more about my Wordless Wednesdat. That is where I will start.

Everytime we pulled our memory cards from our trail cameras, we saw bears. We estimate 9 different bears came into our barrel (of food and sweets). That was the best experiance for the children and I. It gave us perspective of what Calvin would be hunting.(Of course we knew he would be hunting bears, but it became more real with pictures) We ooh'ed and awe'ed over all the bears as a family, ploted and predicted what bear my husband would get, and really had a good time just having them on our camera and at the bait site.

All this lead to the day my husband AND his father shot their bears. (Warning: There are pictures of dead bears below. Content considered sensitive) Why is 'and' bold and capital, well 2 bears on the same site, within an hour and ten minute span and 40 yards away is pretty dang rare.

Big Calvin

Calvin aka Bear Slayer (lol)
For some reason, Calvin (Bear Slayer) did not get any of just his bear laying out. His was quite a bit smaller than his father's, but a bear none the less.


P.S. Remember this post, if in the future I have the 2 Calvin's I may refer to Bear Slayer and Big Calvin. If Big Calvin's father were to come around... you guessed it, another Calvin. We will have to think about that if the time comes along.