Bathroom Make Over

I have spent the last 12 hours
-with little sleep-
redoing our bathroom in the hall.
Paint, flooring and a new toilet.
My thumbs hurt from holding
roller and cutting flooring...
I will let the pictures do the talking :)


Brianna meets Mayor Castillion

Brianna has been kind and helpful to others. She was picked by her principal to be
recognized for her outstanding
kindness at school ;) I'm so proud of her!
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So B U S Y

The beginning of school has proven to be very active.
Brianna has joined Girl Scouts.
Washington School is doing a fund raiser that Brianna is participating in.
And tomorrow (Tuesday the 20th) Brianna will be opening the city council meeting
with the pledge, and then she will
be honored...for something ;) we are not sure what.

Addie has not been as active. She is, however, enjoying preschool. Things are proving to be great around the Page Estate!
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Hunting in TwentY EleveN

Oh wow!!
Today I shot my first antelope.
It was an amazing time.
Here is the story:

We were all over the mountain, seen many herds of speed goats (aka antelopes) but for some reason, they were already real spooked! So we decided to head to Mountain View for fuel and lunch. On the way our brother Vinnie was falling asleep in the Calvin, being the loving big brother, starts to swerve the truck around to wake him up. He gets jolted awake and looks out his window...
"STOP, antelope"

We stop where it is just behind this little hill, about 110 yards off the road. I was insistent that Calvin get out and fill his tag because I had already stalked a few others and he should have his try. Not the case.... I get out, sneak as quietly as I can over this little hill....

Only to see he has made a Houdini. I sneak up a little more and catch him off to the left side of me about 50 yards out. "Thank you". Now to sit, position and pull... I sit down -in cow poo-, pull my gun up to position, take a deep breath, pray to the Lord to give me steady hands for a one shot, one kill and the wind stopped, my breath evened and I pulled the trigger.

He bolts off...Dangggg! I missed. But wait....waittttt....oh, YES! I see him stumble up a hill and topple head over hoof! He's down, I did it! I really did it!! The adrenaline and shaking come back, I turn around in general direction of truck (because I've walked far enough that I can't see it) and scream "I GOT HIM". He maybe ran 75 yards. One shot! And he is impressive! Especially being my first. He has pretty ivory tips, aged probably 3 years -mind you they only live about 8 years- so he's a mature buck!! He is 14 inches tall.

I am just over the top excited!!

Pictures may contain material not suitable for all...You've been warned ;)

Another First...

My girls are growing up in the blink of an eye. I am enjoying every minute of it. Here is Addie on her first day of Preschool. She also did a Vlog, like sissy, but I have yet to get it loaded...expect to see it soon.

Also a picture of her and her cousin sitting so politely at preschool... Having him there made it MUCH-o better. She let me leave without a single tear ;) --proud mama!

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Firth Week of School-Brianna

Hmm! I've seem to missed Friday's!
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Useless Gab-Volume

First off... Happy Labor Day!
-I hope you are not reading this @ work,
but instead at home over warm coffee! Chilly morning here,
loving that fall is upon us!

I was in serious thought over volume last night as I lay in bed,
staring at the alarm clock that read 11:36
((WAY past my bed time))! Why? Why such a random thought, and at that time of night?
Your guess is as good as mine.

Volume, weather it be on your TV, the radio, your phone,
how about your MP3 or does it work? I understand
technology is very advanced compared to the first radio, but seriously...

How do you make an inanimate object project more sound?
It's obvious how one can do it verbally.

Do you realize the knowledge the person who invented the volume adjustment,
was amazing and most intelligent?
I would think at least.

Or is it less complex than I'm making it out to be??

Present day, everything has volume! You don't analyze it, I'm sure. But as I lay there
wondering about the oddest thing I can, I can't help but think that volume has quite the history.
There are some older generations out there I'm sure that remember their
entertainment on a quite night was the radio...not so quiet night,
adjust the volume!!

I have no idea where else I'm going with this...hence the title "useless gab"!
Just something I guess I'm thinking too much about.
But there is also that part of me that thinks, if there was no volume adjustment
for music or television, it would be less popular.
Those with children may be the ones to agree with this most :)!

Well enjoy your day, bbq with friends,
love our workers and turn it up,
let it ring in our ears.

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HW-and so on!

We had a family scare so that's the reason for delay!! Hope your weekend is going well.

So Dec. 2010 we got our home.
Moved in...well almost. Yes, we've been here 9 months
and still have things that could be unpacked.

May-June 2010: T ball! Bee had a blast and can not wait for next year.
((below, the medal she received))

June-Brianna graduates from preschool. It was bitter sweet! She was one of the loudest to sing, just like her mama. She is a future graduate of 2024 ((again, pics below! Since I email my posts in, it won't let me place them where I want))

July to, well now...we have been fairly uneventful. Some remodeling of the home. Lots of painting. Then enjoying our home.
We have a long ways to go before we have our home the way we want it but that's a whole other story.
We will get into all of that though...soon enough.

-Brianna and Addie will both be in school this year...look for posts
About their first weeks of school. -also see Brianna's Vlog :) so much better
Coming from her :)