HW-and so on!

We had a family scare so that's the reason for delay!! Hope your weekend is going well.

So Dec. 2010 we got our home.
Moved in...well almost. Yes, we've been here 9 months
and still have things that could be unpacked.

May-June 2010: T ball! Bee had a blast and can not wait for next year.
((below, the medal she received))

June-Brianna graduates from preschool. It was bitter sweet! She was one of the loudest to sing, just like her mama. She is a future graduate of 2024 ((again, pics below! Since I email my posts in, it won't let me place them where I want))

July to, well now...we have been fairly uneventful. Some remodeling of the home. Lots of painting. Then enjoying our home.
We have a long ways to go before we have our home the way we want it but that's a whole other story.
We will get into all of that though...soon enough.

-Brianna and Addie will both be in school this year...look for posts
About their first weeks of school. -also see Brianna's Vlog :) so much better
Coming from her :)