Useless Gab-Volume

First off... Happy Labor Day!
-I hope you are not reading this @ work,
but instead at home over warm coffee! Chilly morning here,
loving that fall is upon us!

I was in serious thought over volume last night as I lay in bed,
staring at the alarm clock that read 11:36
((WAY past my bed time))! Why? Why such a random thought, and at that time of night?
Your guess is as good as mine.

Volume, weather it be on your TV, the radio, your phone,
how about your MP3 or does it work? I understand
technology is very advanced compared to the first radio, but seriously...

How do you make an inanimate object project more sound?
It's obvious how one can do it verbally.

Do you realize the knowledge the person who invented the volume adjustment,
was amazing and most intelligent?
I would think at least.

Or is it less complex than I'm making it out to be??

Present day, everything has volume! You don't analyze it, I'm sure. But as I lay there
wondering about the oddest thing I can, I can't help but think that volume has quite the history.
There are some older generations out there I'm sure that remember their
entertainment on a quite night was the radio...not so quiet night,
adjust the volume!!

I have no idea where else I'm going with this...hence the title "useless gab"!
Just something I guess I'm thinking too much about.
But there is also that part of me that thinks, if there was no volume adjustment
for music or television, it would be less popular.
Those with children may be the ones to agree with this most :)!

Well enjoy your day, bbq with friends,
love our workers and turn it up,
let it ring in our ears.

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