wordless wednesday

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Crappy update.

I am not doing a very good job and keeping up on the blog. I am not even sure why. I honestly would say it's because there is nothing going on around here. Calvin is hunting every weekend he has off (I miss my hubby) Brianna still loving school and doing SO well with it and I am just doing the mom thing. It has to be boring to read about nothing and just have me babble but I have no true update.

We are still working on having another baby. The last cycle I was sure I was pregnant, but the "dreaded" reared her ugly face. But atleast I know I am running a 35 day cycle!

I will hope to have some more to talk about as the hollidays come around and as the holidays are over as well. This time of year seems to always be kind of slow in general. Sorry for a crappy update!