Wordless Wednesday

The Weigh In

I finally have something worth blogging about. Not that you readers don't enjoy my day to day life in my shoes, but hang on to your pants (no pants on the ground here) I think you will enjoy following along with this!

Today is the sign up and weight in for Calvin. Our town is finally doing something worth participating in. Weight Loss Challenge. Signs ups are at a local Holiday Inn today, you give in a little bit of cash, and if you win...cash $$ and prises~a good motivator. It is a 12 week program with a weigh in every week. Calvin and his sister are going to participate and sign up, and while I am not going to sign up I am still going to participate and loose the flab.

My goals are as follows:
  • work on a healthier menu for the family
  • work out at least 20 minutes everyday. this includes, but not limited to, Wii fit plus, treadmill and a stationary bike.
  • set a realistic weight loss goal
  • motivate and encourage my husband

I am not sure how my posts will go from here on out about the Challenge so stick with me as trial and error will only lead me to the best result. I also want to mention that I would love to share progress with you but only after it has begun. I do not think I am comfortable enough to go public with my weight just yet, but I think once I have lost 10 lbs or so I will then share, knowing I am heading in the right direction.

Look for an update
to Calvin's experience after
Weighs In


There is a strong need to shake the milk before use. What, everyone doesn't do this?

The hanging coffee cups should be taken down IN ORDER! Give this memo to my hubby, please. Oh and they look pretty when all facing the same way.

When you take your shoes off the shoe shelf, simItalicple, when you're done put them back.

There really is a reason that I use round edged bowls, I just don't care to share.

I do not feel the need to clean out my jeep. Warm or cold weather, I just don't care to! Even though there are about 4 inches of junk and garbage... okay maybe when we thaw out I will do something about the junk yard accumulating in there.

Pajamas are my wardrobe choice.

I hope you feel like you know me that much better!

Getting Involed!

I am on a mission to get more involved with my community.

Where to start?

No idea. But I want to get out there and live. I have been staying home and being with my children but we haven't been living. We have been just being a "paper weight". While we are happy, there is more we can be doing. I am going to call the Chamber of Commerce and see what kind of activities are going on locally.

I know one thing I want to seriously look into is going to the library with their reading group. I have heard about it, thought about going, but never got the information about time and such and just end up, obviously, not going. I need to get these kiddos out of the house more and it can't be healthy for me either to sit here day in and day out. I am finding myself getting nervous about leaving the house and that is going down the same road my mother in law said she traveled and said it was not a happy place. Again I will say, we are happy though. I enjoy my home, and staying home, and having all the time in the day to devote to my children, my home and computer (sad to confess about the computer *blush*)!

Play group. I am going to look for one locally, which I am almost positive there is not one. In a town on 13k I think I would have heard of one. If I do not find one, I think I am going to start one. I have been talking to other mothers around the US that go to them to get the general organization of them and I have full faith that I can make it happen.

I have this idea to talk to my local pet shelter/pound about taking time with the dogs there, getting to know their personality and then promoting them to the public via my blog, facebook, and twitter. (Maybe other outlets if I can find them) They do not have a "no kill policy" so if I can help push those dogs out of the kennels it would be a big deal to me, and I am sure to others as well.

I need to brain storm for other ideas, but please if you have any information about the above or any ideas of activities to look into, let me know. I am taking off the hazard lights, pulling off the shoulder and taking this road we call life, full speed ahead!


Why is it so hard for me to commit my life to the Lord. I tell myself over and over, I'm going to church today. And how many times have I followed through... 4 times out of a million maybe. I have people tell me "Church is not the only way to have commitment." Yes, I know this, but in my case it's a necessity (in my eyes) considering I don't feel well enough educated to dedicate and commit my life.

There are times I feel embarrassed to go to church if I don't have someone else besides my children to go with me. Why? I am not going for any ones benefit but mine. How can that hold me back when I know this is what I want. Why can't I make that commitment?

I do not want my relationship with the Lord to gain strength only when I need him. I have seen this in many cases. Something devastating happens and then people turn to God. I want that bond and relationship now. Why can't I make that commitment?

Other things that run through my head when contemplating weather to go or not is the fact that since I am uneducated, I have a million questions that I can not just shout out as the pastor is speaking. I come home, I feel lost and people around me don't seem to want to talk about the service. but this is NO reason to not commit because only with time will I be able to go back and answer my own questions. Why can't I make that commitment?

So here I sit on a beautiful Sunday morning writing about wanting commitment to church and the Lord instead getting myself, my children and my husband ready to go.



There are times I capture a picture that surprises myself.

I wish I could understand my camera at all times.

model: Korbyn, little boy I used to baby sit! Remember him from this post?!?

I want to do it too.

Addisyn is getting too big for her own good. She always sees big sister put away the dirty dish into the sink and yesturday decided she would also help out. Although a little to short, she tried 3 different times before she decided she would just throw it in the garbage. Hey, it's still being put away. HaHa! My little doll baby is getting so big.

Photo Link up!

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Crocks in winter, with no socks.

"Addie, smile." What happened??

My "I haven't had enough coffee" momma!

Dinner anyone?

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Praying for Haiti

Disaster in Haiti. A massive earthquake has devastated Haiti. Please send out prayers as people are found, others dead and many in complete suffering with this catastrophic event!

This is my prayer chain! Please pass it on and spread the love, faith and strength of the Lord.

wordless wednesday

Follow up.

I have read and reread and wanted to edit this post. I feel that it sounds so much worse than it ever was. It was never a love issue. I have always loved my husband. I was negitive! That's what it boils down to. I was so negitive that I couldn't see everything that was so great around me. With myself having a sour attitude it reflected on my husband who then was getting depressed. I finally told myself "Enough is enough. Life has so much to offer, so many roads to take and I can't ride like this." I made myself learn to love me. Which in return helped me love those around me even more. I talked to Calvin and as I posted here and we agreed that we would both work on those little things and everything just turned around. We both take in everything around us and admire it. Guess you can say we are just moving out of the fast lane and taking things as the come and not rushing anything.

Monday useless fact and more.

FACT: Winnie the Pooh was named after a bear
named Winnipeg and a swan named Pooh!

I want to share with you a picture of Addisyn that I am in love with. I want to add it to my blog page but need one of Brianna also that just pops like this one.

Is she not the cutest little doll face??!!

When the husband comes home...
I am not one to shower daily, and makeup...for get about it. But I have been thinking what my husband sees when he comes home. Most mornings I am up with Calvin, drink some coffee and see him off to work. Then I begin my day. I spend to much time on the computer and wait for the girls to get up and drink the much needed 3 cups of coffee, or more. I go about my day cleaning, being on computer, reading to the girls, pillow fighting, making meals, doing dishes, wash/dry/fold/put away laundry, make beds, nap, swish toilets, sweep/mop floors, watch cartoons, drink coffee, bath girls, work out; okay you get the point. Did you read anywhere up there "Shower and get myself ready"? Nope! Yes the house may clean, the kids in their underwear/diaper clothes or pajamas, and everything is in fairly neat order, except for me. How do you ladies, who stay home with your children, don't have any real places to go, focus on your family so much that you don't really have "friends", have a reason to get ready? I am talking dressed, hair and makeup in order and looking like you could pick up and leave to any place in a hurry? I find myself in clothes from the day before, hair in a messy bun, and obviously, no make up. I keep thinking, what does my husband think. I know he loves me without make up, and he is not the type to even care about what I am wearing, but could a simple change on my part make him happier? Maybe it's not him I am truly thinking about. Maybe I need to change this for myself. I don't usually have visitors, but have opened the door in a cut up tee shirt, no bra and jammie pants and hair a mess of course. What does that say to people that are not my family? I think weather or not this is an issue with Calvin, I am going to do it for a week and see how it makes the both of us feel.
From the man himself:
-What a sexy *****. I look at you and think "Wow, you made the house look good and how nice it is to come home to a clean house and a warm dinner."
-Not when we are home, Love. How long have I drilled you that you are beautiful without makeup. I don't want you to let yourself go, but don't mind when you have days you just don't want to do anything with yourself. (what is he talking about, I feel this is everyday)
-Well I don't. If you start wearing a moo moo 24/7 then we may have problems, lol
So there you have it, straight from the man himself. He enjoys the dinner, the happy clean kids, and the clean home to come home to more than what a mess his (beautiful) wife may be! Like I said above, this may be my issue, so for atleast a week I am going to get dressed, do my hair and put on a little makeup and see if it changes anything. Weather that change me in me or in him.
When the husband comes home....
He is happy with the little things, and loves his wife no matter what. That's love and marriage for ya!


If you ever need to be in contact, please email me at ::



I am sorry to those who have been to my blog the last few days. No one "theme" has held me and said YES this is it. It's been a few long nights, but I hope to figure it out soon! Stick with me as I find a fit for my blog!

It's ell.oh.vee.eee

Just me & photo editing!

...it's LVE

Gone and Restored

What's that saying? Looks are deceiving. This runs true in many aspects of peoples lives. When you are fat, people seem to think you are shy, unlovable, gross and so on. When you have an awesome car like a Cadillac, people assume you have money, and lots of it.

There is also that other saying. Don't judge a book by it's cover! I have suffered with weight issues for a long time now and I know of the judgment people pass when they see me. I have to say it's a shame (not to toot my own horn) that they didn't get to know the real me. I am so much more then what they see. Same with the nice vehicle. I drive a Jeep just to clear things up, but you see someone in a Cadillac and think, whoa that must be nice. What is nice? The insurance that is high, the payment that is even higher. Now I am not saying that everyone with a Cadillac is in debt over their nice ride, I am just saying, you truly never know!

Where am I going with this. Well I am going a lot deeper then the car you drive. I am talking about the relationship I have with my husband. We have now been together for 8 years. Things have always seemed to be okay. But in the house, behind closed doors, it was more like a friendship. Someone I was living with. Someone who was depressed and I was also. It was not sexual 98% of the time, it wasn't lovey dovey, it was more like I am mom, he is dad and that was that. We were not husband and wife. Somewhere in being mother, taxi, wife, cook, cleaning lady, I lost Jessica. I lost Jessica as loving wife to my more than wonderful husband. I lost Jessica the fun going mother of 2 adorable daughters. I was just gone.

Who knew that one chat with the hubby, and the expressions of emotions and feelings between the 2 of us could change everything. Guess what?? I found Jessica. I found my sex drive (maybe more than Calvin can keep up with) I found that mother I have always known I was, I found the joys in cleaning my home to feel good not just to have it clean enough. I found that drive I needed to start working out and really hunkering down on my eating to get in shape and healthy for myself! For Jessica! For Calvin, who loves me no matter what but is right there on my weight loss journey pushing me and working out (literally) right beside me and keeping me positive about my acing muscles and sore legs/arms/abs and such. But more importantly, for my children who want to run to the car with mommy but can't because mommy can't breath (lol) or want mommy to slide with them, but I am lazy and would rather watch from the grass. I don't want to die a young age from problems cause by being obese. I don't want to deal with diabetes if I can avoid it. So while the most important person is me, my weight loss is very important to and for my family as well. (sorry that kinda of jumped off the relationship anyways..)

Are you struggling in your relationship with your spouse? Don't be ashamed, no one EVER said love was easy! So here we are with another saying, Don't sweat the small things. Well I guess it all depends on how you take that, but it was the small things *(see below) that the hubby and I put back into our relationship that has helped us move up in the love department, helped the sex drive, dissipated the depression and made this house a home again.

*more than a peck. I don't expect you or myself to go into a make out session, but a deep kiss can lighten any mood, make you hubby feel at home when he arrives home and with Calvins makes him long for more (after the kids are in bed of course)
*holding hands. in the car, at the mall, even at home. the power of touch is amazing and makes me as a women feel that even if he is not saying I love you, his hand, entangled with mine shows me the love.

One more saying before you go.

We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.

Happy New Years!

It's been a while since I have even thought about logging into my blog, why (?) I don't have any kind of answer, not even a white lie. I feel that I had nothing to blog about and so I just stopped. Well I am ready to give it another shot. It's a new year so why not, right?

The holidays are over, and I can say I am a bit relieved. While they are always welcome, they can throw your life into high gear and I am more the cruise control type of girl. I will post pics on Wordless Wednesday of things that have been happening these past few months I haven't been blogging. If you also follow There's a Troll in my Bucket, you will see that I am not there right now...one blog at a time.

New Years resolutions! Everyone has them, but what is the percetage of those followed through...

The following shows how many of these resolutions are maintained as time goes on:
- past the first week: 75%
- past 2 weeks: 71%
- after one month: 64%
- after 6 months: 46%
(source: new years statictics)

With that being said, I have a few of my own. Weight loss. I have already been working on this journey and so far so good. -10 lbs since Christmas (although last night's snacking probably put me over my starting weight EEK) Right now I am just working on being more active and doing the Wii Fit Plus everyday and of course watching what I eat. Next resolution is my blog (s). I want to post atleast once a week but would like it to be more. Then I would also like to have 50 followers by 2011. Not that big of a goal, I can do it! You will help, right? Spread the word about my blog and get me 50 followers =]

The hubby is ready to continue our rearranging and decluttering so this is the end! Don't worry, unlike other promises I have failed you on here is one I will keep.... I'll be back!