There is a strong need to shake the milk before use. What, everyone doesn't do this?

The hanging coffee cups should be taken down IN ORDER! Give this memo to my hubby, please. Oh and they look pretty when all facing the same way.

When you take your shoes off the shoe shelf, simItalicple, when you're done put them back.

There really is a reason that I use round edged bowls, I just don't care to share.

I do not feel the need to clean out my jeep. Warm or cold weather, I just don't care to! Even though there are about 4 inches of junk and garbage... okay maybe when we thaw out I will do something about the junk yard accumulating in there.

Pajamas are my wardrobe choice.

I hope you feel like you know me that much better!


    hahaha- you might be my long-lost-twin!