The Weigh In

I finally have something worth blogging about. Not that you readers don't enjoy my day to day life in my shoes, but hang on to your pants (no pants on the ground here) I think you will enjoy following along with this!

Today is the sign up and weight in for Calvin. Our town is finally doing something worth participating in. Weight Loss Challenge. Signs ups are at a local Holiday Inn today, you give in a little bit of cash, and if you $$ and prises~a good motivator. It is a 12 week program with a weigh in every week. Calvin and his sister are going to participate and sign up, and while I am not going to sign up I am still going to participate and loose the flab.

My goals are as follows:
  • work on a healthier menu for the family
  • work out at least 20 minutes everyday. this includes, but not limited to, Wii fit plus, treadmill and a stationary bike.
  • set a realistic weight loss goal
  • motivate and encourage my husband

I am not sure how my posts will go from here on out about the Challenge so stick with me as trial and error will only lead me to the best result. I also want to mention that I would love to share progress with you but only after it has begun. I do not think I am comfortable enough to go public with my weight just yet, but I think once I have lost 10 lbs or so I will then share, knowing I am heading in the right direction.

Look for an update
to Calvin's experience after
Weighs In