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I am pretty passionate about The Biggest Loser... maybe one day you will see me on there. If I haven't already kicked butt at losing weight, like I am trying to do now. Ok, on with your day now that you have VOTED DARRIS!

We have babies and I am a huge slacker.

Babies, say what? Yes, my little Woodie (that just don't sound the best =] ) had 3 babies yesterday about noon-ish. I was nervous when I found them because momma was under the bedding, hiding. The babies were all calm and doing good but I only seen 2 of the babies at first.

I was walking to my room and just glanced in the cage, I stopped dead in my tracks and was seriously like "O.M.G" that is a little colored baby, EEEK! And then I see another little pup that is all black like momma. So I run across the house and grab Brianna so she can see the babies. She was oober excited also. Well I knew I had to get Woodie from under the bedding and have her get to babies and finish cleaning them. I would say when I found the babies, she had them with in the hour so we will say about noon. Anyways, I gather her from under the fleece, then I search under there because I can't be sure she didn't get under there and have more babies. None. I am pleased, momma did well and her 2 babies are looking good. Well I decide to move the pigloo out of the cage because Woodie would go in there and hide from the babies and I really wanted her to finish the clean up. Well much to my surprise, there was another, fully black, baby under there but just then my heart stopped. At first sight I thought momma did not break this babies sac and that the baby did not make it. But as I gather myself (this all happened in 3 seconds) I notice the baby is out, moving some and breathing but is restricted by the dry sac on her back. I had no idea what to do. I call my husband, he says to help the baby and clean it up. All I could think was if I interfere what will the already nervous and scared momma do so I wait. I called the vet (he had to call me back) called and talked to my mom and while one the phone I was hoovering around the baby and momma cage and spooked the little black pup that was covered in sac and the sac split (no harm, remember it was just dry on him) and then he really starts to move around. I gave it another 30 min or so and then I worked on helping the little one get the bag off and momma pig would come over and assist also. I know that she is just young and wasn't sure what to do. So anyways, they all look healthy and good today. Bouncing and popping all about the cage and nursing from momma. I even seen 2 of the babies trying to eat hay and one drinking from the water spout thingy. I am sure you are ready to see some pictures!

Without further ado:

Male 1
Male 2

On with the slacker end of this post....
I said that I would come back (the next day but obviously this is not...) and post about my #1's. So yes, I'm late. I should know to never plan a post on Calvin's days off. I am no good at blogging when he is home.

Is that good or bad?
    Read on and then decide.

[one] pick up my bible that is collecting dust! Teach and learn from it!:
 Well I am happy to say this is a big YES!! Not only have I picked my bible up but my family and I have been going to church. God is great and we feel so good!
[one] believe in myself:
What exactly does that even mean? I would say there are many points of this short goal. I seem to have complications with believing how good I am at a certain things. I know I can do a lot of things but I have little faith that I can really do them, and so I don't. This is still a changing manner but I can and am slowing believing in myself again. Since starting a serious weight loss (healthy living) life I have seen that I can do it. I can be reliable. I can set goals and reach them. Now the next thing to work on is not procrastinating. I believe I procrastinate because I have a long thought process and (again working on this goal) I am not sure I can do it correctly if I do it now without thought, even though many people tell me YES you can.

[one] be more thankful for my husband and his hard work.
I have always been thankful but I did lack in letting him know. I know how awesome I feel after I have cleaned the house and how down I can suddenly turn if Calvin does not praise my hard work. Why shouldn't it be the same for him. Yes, he is working for our family because, well, he has to. I expected him to tell me "It looks good in the home" but I would give nothing in return for how awesome he is and how greatly I think of him and the many things he does for our family. (Honey, I love you)

[one] take more time for family and family activities:
We are always doing things as a family. Since Calvin has been on a 10 on 4 off work schedule, we have so much more time to really do things together. Last year he began this schedule and on his days off we would still sit at home and he would relax and enjoy it. As time went on he was feeling more rested and more used to the schedule and we would head out of the home on the days he had off. Now you hardly see us home when he is on days off. We are always out doing something. I love it and it is so healthy for our family. We have grown this past year, for that I am blessed.

[one] get healthy for my family and myself:
If you have been following me this year, you will know the answer to this. Not only am I getting healthier for my family, but Calvin also. We have been eating healthy for well over a year but lacked on activities to get us moving. That is no longer the case. and since winter is finally over (even if we have had snow in may) we are outside even more and doing many things to keep active and get healthy.

[one] spend more intimate time with hubby
I will not go into details, but this goal has been succeeded and the way it has pulled us together is bliss. I love that I am loving myself and in return loving my husband wholeheartedly.

The winner....

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KT! Congratulations!

Happy Mothers Day.

A year in review

One year ago I made a Top Ten Fifteen. How have I done? Did I accomplish anything? Well lets have a run down on the list.

((ten)) less arguing and yelling and more praise:
While I would love so say, "I don't even yell anymore" that is not the case. But less, YES! It takes a lot more to get me to the point of *OMG!!* How did I change this in myself? I had to tell myself, "Do you enjoy being yelled at? How would you feel if every time you tried to do something and did not do it right or was unsuccessful someone yelled at you. Like a failure and not good enough." How could I expect my children to think any differently...I couldn't. I still work on it daily. I am a stay at home mother with a 24/7 job and I DO get tired, and frustrated and yes, I do yell, but again it is NOTHING like I was.

((nine)) strict T.V. time and more dance/craft/activity time:
No, I do not have a strict schedule but we have cut back and we often are outside or trying to find fun things to do outside the home. This has helped keep the kids less rowdy in the home, less fighting, better listening and not so much "annoy mom because we are bored" attitude.

((eight)) less computer time {{yet here I sit}}:
I have my days. Some days I am so okay without being on the Internet, mostly when Calvin is on days off but when he is not home and it is just the kids and I, I will sit and waste time on the computer. With winter coming to an end, this goal will be more successful as we will have something more to do than sit home or go on short outings and hurry home before roads freeze and such.

((seven)) night time routine {.bath.book.bed.}
We are still working on this. Addisyn has issues with sleeping in the big bed so her "bed" is the couch or the recliner. I know, this is not the best solve to the problem but we are still working on a solution. Brianna is getting better and better with sleeping all  night in her bed. She still watches a movie to go to sleep but it is for under an hour. Again, not the best solution or routine to do but it is what is working for us honestly. One day bed time will be a breeze.

((six)) organization:
Until we have a place for everything, organization is impossible. When we moved into our trailer, we out grew it. Hall closet, sure would be nice. Linen closet, what is that? Coat rack..Ha! So you get it, we need more room to store things and get them out of the kitchen, living room, bedrooms even. I have taken steps and gave us what I call "a healthy clutter". We will one day have the room for my to label, file, store and tote everything we have.

((five)) more photography, as my girls are growing so fast and i don't want to miss anything:
Yes. With the help of others I have also had some great pictures. I have my camera out constantly, my children pose at first then begin to ignore the camera because I have it out so much. I love to edit them, I love to take crazy pictures, serious, silly, colorful, and black and white. You will see more and more of my photography love on the blog, promise.

((four)) become better house wife -cooking.laundry.dishes.dinner ECT:
Laundry...dread! It is my nemesis. I believe any mother would agree. Even if laundry may get backed up, I am doing better in every other aspect of "house wife" title. I love to cook. We cook with lots of veggies and chicken so this also goes for my "get healthy" goal. Dinner is done every night. yes, I do opt for pizza some nights but this is nothing like it was!! Trust me or ask my husband.

((three)) save money . spend less:
I am doing a good job..Calvin, not so much. No we are not doing to bad. The purchases we have mad this year were things we honestly needed. We have money in the savings, which feels awesome, we have everything we need and things that we want, and that feels good to. We have to have that balance for sure. I feel that this goal is squashed and we are doing well with our money without taking all of our entertainment and wants out of the question.

((two))take time for myself:
This is still a hard one for me to do. I feel like I will miss something that my children will do. I also feel that if I have mommy time when Calvin is home, that I am missing out on his days off. It is a weird thing I have going on in my head that I still need to straighten out.

I will follow through with all my "#1's" tomorrow. Be sure to stop in! Remember, you only have until May 8th to enter for the giveaway... please link up to enter or take steps for more entries. How... READ HERE!
((*[one]*)) pick up my bible that is collecting dust! Teach and learn from it!:

((*[one]*)) believe in myself

((*[one]*)) be more thankful for my husband and his hard work

((*[one]*)) take more time for family and family activities

((*[one]*)) get healthy for my family and myself

((*[one]*)) spend more intimate time with hubby

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