A year in review

One year ago I made a Top Ten Fifteen. How have I done? Did I accomplish anything? Well lets have a run down on the list.

((ten)) less arguing and yelling and more praise:
While I would love so say, "I don't even yell anymore" that is not the case. But less, YES! It takes a lot more to get me to the point of *OMG!!* How did I change this in myself? I had to tell myself, "Do you enjoy being yelled at? How would you feel if every time you tried to do something and did not do it right or was unsuccessful someone yelled at you. Like a failure and not good enough." How could I expect my children to think any differently...I couldn't. I still work on it daily. I am a stay at home mother with a 24/7 job and I DO get tired, and frustrated and yes, I do yell, but again it is NOTHING like I was.

((nine)) strict T.V. time and more dance/craft/activity time:
No, I do not have a strict schedule but we have cut back and we often are outside or trying to find fun things to do outside the home. This has helped keep the kids less rowdy in the home, less fighting, better listening and not so much "annoy mom because we are bored" attitude.

((eight)) less computer time {{yet here I sit}}:
I have my days. Some days I am so okay without being on the Internet, mostly when Calvin is on days off but when he is not home and it is just the kids and I, I will sit and waste time on the computer. With winter coming to an end, this goal will be more successful as we will have something more to do than sit home or go on short outings and hurry home before roads freeze and such.

((seven)) night time routine {.bath.book.bed.}
We are still working on this. Addisyn has issues with sleeping in the big bed so her "bed" is the couch or the recliner. I know, this is not the best solve to the problem but we are still working on a solution. Brianna is getting better and better with sleeping all  night in her bed. She still watches a movie to go to sleep but it is for under an hour. Again, not the best solution or routine to do but it is what is working for us honestly. One day bed time will be a breeze.

((six)) organization:
Until we have a place for everything, organization is impossible. When we moved into our trailer, we out grew it. Hall closet, sure would be nice. Linen closet, what is that? Coat rack..Ha! So you get it, we need more room to store things and get them out of the kitchen, living room, bedrooms even. I have taken steps and gave us what I call "a healthy clutter". We will one day have the room for my to label, file, store and tote everything we have.

((five)) more photography, as my girls are growing so fast and i don't want to miss anything:
Yes. With the help of others I have also had some great pictures. I have my camera out constantly, my children pose at first then begin to ignore the camera because I have it out so much. I love to edit them, I love to take crazy pictures, serious, silly, colorful, and black and white. You will see more and more of my photography love on the blog, promise.

((four)) become better house wife -cooking.laundry.dishes.dinner ECT:
Laundry...dread! It is my nemesis. I believe any mother would agree. Even if laundry may get backed up, I am doing better in every other aspect of "house wife" title. I love to cook. We cook with lots of veggies and chicken so this also goes for my "get healthy" goal. Dinner is done every night. yes, I do opt for pizza some nights but this is nothing like it was!! Trust me or ask my husband.

((three)) save money . spend less:
I am doing a good job..Calvin, not so much. No we are not doing to bad. The purchases we have mad this year were things we honestly needed. We have money in the savings, which feels awesome, we have everything we need and things that we want, and that feels good to. We have to have that balance for sure. I feel that this goal is squashed and we are doing well with our money without taking all of our entertainment and wants out of the question.

((two))take time for myself:
This is still a hard one for me to do. I feel like I will miss something that my children will do. I also feel that if I have mommy time when Calvin is home, that I am missing out on his days off. It is a weird thing I have going on in my head that I still need to straighten out.

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((*[one]*)) pick up my bible that is collecting dust! Teach and learn from it!:

((*[one]*)) believe in myself

((*[one]*)) be more thankful for my husband and his hard work

((*[one]*)) take more time for family and family activities

((*[one]*)) get healthy for my family and myself

((*[one]*)) spend more intimate time with hubby

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    I think all of those goals were great. Don't you wish we could be perfect and make all the right decisions? Yeah, me too.

    I've decided that staying on top of housework, and all the other wife/mother/homemakeer duties is important, but for me I'm most committed to making sure my relationships are warm, loving, forgiving, etc. In the midst of all my duties, I often forget to just sit with my children or even (and especially), my hubby. At the end of the day, when I've given more attention to my loved ones than my home, I feel good. Ya know?

    Lovin' ya!


    I think it's awesome to look back and see how you have changed. :)