Badland Bottoms

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Badland Bottoms!!!

I have cloth diapered my daughter since birth (9months now) and I can't believe I did not know about cloth diapers with my first. I can honestly say I do NOT like disposables. Why run around in plastic when you can have a diaper that is not only eco friendly but so DAMN cute! after using just about every diaper there was out there, and not absolutly in love with any, I combined all that I love, and a bit of personallity, and BAHM!!! Badland Bottoms to rock your bottom!!

Picture Perfect

Since spending less and less time at the computer I have been playing and hanging with the 2 hipest chicks EVER! The other day we sat outside and did NOTHING!!!! Well I took pics, they played, but it was nice just to have nothing to do, seems we have been run, run, run lately. Here are some pics of my beauties.

Yeah she was sure that she was going to climb the tree! HeHe, she's to funny!

Ok this there is this pic because I am slowing getting out to unfocus the background in my images, and I was pretty happy with how this turned out.


The stress test was on Friday ((may 8th)) and it showed NOTHING! I am so thankful for this! The doctor wasn't sure why DR.H put Calvin on meds because his BP and cholesterol were not that high. They were close to being borderline but not high. Now Calvin is working out as hard as he was before all of this and he is weaning off the meds and going to this all natural.
I as well and working on getting healthier. I started a diet. OK I do not like the word diet, so we will say I started to eat healthier and in moderation. I am pretty excited about this. I worked out this morning, I have been cleaning all morning, girls are being so good, and I tell you what, it is just a good day! I have so much energy and just feel GOOD!
Also there is something I can mark off of my "Top Ten"..... computer time. I have rarely been on for the past 4-6 days and it feels great. I am spending so much more time with girls, getting a lot done, and just enjoying life! It's amazing how much time the computer gobbled up!
OK I think that is for updates for now! thank you to everyone who was thinking about Calvin!!


Well we went back to the doctors let him know of all these side effects Calvin was having, and he was at a loss. I mean whos armpits burn when on a new medication. My hubsbands that's who. So the doctor took him off the beta-bolker he was on, and to a mild alternative that has not had any side effects for people. he is feeling much better. He also was told to cut the cholesterol medicine in half. I am so glad to mostly have my hubby back. He was so tired, emotional, ECT and I didn't like seeing him like that. I am also happy that Friday morning he will be going in for his stress test. Lets please hope for the best. He has told me if the doctors give him the ok to stop meds he will and he will then continue to lose weight and get everything down naturally.