The stress test was on Friday ((may 8th)) and it showed NOTHING! I am so thankful for this! The doctor wasn't sure why DR.H put Calvin on meds because his BP and cholesterol were not that high. They were close to being borderline but not high. Now Calvin is working out as hard as he was before all of this and he is weaning off the meds and going to this all natural.
I as well and working on getting healthier. I started a diet. OK I do not like the word diet, so we will say I started to eat healthier and in moderation. I am pretty excited about this. I worked out this morning, I have been cleaning all morning, girls are being so good, and I tell you what, it is just a good day! I have so much energy and just feel GOOD!
Also there is something I can mark off of my "Top Ten"..... computer time. I have rarely been on for the past 4-6 days and it feels great. I am spending so much more time with girls, getting a lot done, and just enjoying life! It's amazing how much time the computer gobbled up!
OK I think that is for updates for now! thank you to everyone who was thinking about Calvin!!


    I'm glad the test came back normal. That's so great you guys want to get healthier. Kudos to you!!! Cleaning always makes me feel good. :) The computer does eat up a lot of time and you don't even realize it until your not on it as much.