Mashed together

I want to start this off with ((drum roll)) Smoke free since Aug. 12th 2009! Nice right. Well I take that back, I did have one the other day, and ICK! It was gross, and that was a little encouraging. I felt accomplished. And honestly the only reason I did smoke, was out of pure habit. I have not had patches on for days, so I know it's wasn't anything to do with nicotine. anyways, YaY for me!!

I know...

I have been slacking with FLYbaby Fridays. I am sorry I am just not feeling them! I would love for it to hit, but I am just not loving it! I will continue to give different little cleaning hints and tips, tricks though. They will just come whenever.

Moving on.

I am a movie GEEK! I would love to talk about movies. I am not sure, but I think it would be fun. I was thinking of doing it a few different ways. We all think of the weekend as movie night. So maybe Thursday I can review a movie (or two) that way on Friday on your way home from work you can pick something up.


Sometimes I get movies before they hit shelves, but since that is not always true I can just review after I watch them so you know to reserve it or whatever on Tuesday.


Yes, another option! I can just review them as I go, because I can watch a movie every night some weeks but do I really want a movie post everyday. No.

So give me some of your ideas, thoughts, suggestions please. I think it could be real helpful since I do watch so many and you may want to know what you are getting ahead of time. Something to think about! But please think out loud.

This has been a great week. The little boy I have been watching (we now can call Korbyn) is doing better everyday. Less crying when Meisha (his mother) leaves, eating well, and we are getting to know each other. Oh and can't forget about his sleeping! First day when he slept 20 minutes, I was like my goodness I could not even re coop that quickly, but back at it I was. He is VERY busy little boy, a bit of a bully (it's all good) but most importantly he is fun, and blessed, and has a good mother and great people surrounding him! I expect things to get even better and soon we will have nothing but fun while Korbyn and the girls are together! Ain't he a stud!

Well there is a little catch up to my life! While we get used to having Korb around, I will blog, as I continue to do well with cleaning and not smoking, I will blog, but as money runs short, I may not blog. Sorry to say but my blog my have to go on an end of summer vacation as we are flirting with the idea of turning off internet and cable while we need a little extra money. I will update that as we know more and decide.

Hope you enojyed your mashed post-atoes! HaHa!

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First and Then some!

I have started part time baby sitting for a chick I literally have known since I was a pip squeak! What a joy it is to have our children grow up and play together! It's been a really good day. Today is our first day and he has been awesome.We will call him K. until I talk to his mother about blogging about him. Altho I have pictured him on here already, oops! When K's mother left this morning, he started getting pretty upset about it. Well I held him, and after the door shut he was not having it so I asked if he wanted a cracker... silence! Yea that's right, I rock. haha! K snacked on a cracker along with the girls and the day has been bliss since! Besides MY child. Addisyn has a little discomfort of K being here, but soon I hope she will get over it and not be as jealous and also not want to be held all the time. It's not like he is a baby baby, he is actually older then Addie, but she is just not sure around having another child in the home I suppose.

Not Me! Monday. @ MyCharmingChildren with Mckmama
I have learned that quitting smoking will probably be the hardest thing I will ever do. If you have been following, you know that my husband is also quitting tobacco (chewing). Well I will be honest, I was having a real bad time with the cravings, and to deal I did not leave my (irritated from quitting tobacco) husband to hang with the kiddos as I duct into our room for a snooze. Yea I would never!

This past Friday we went out bow hunting for antelope. It was hubs, Addie and myself, Brianna was with her grandmother. While I wish Brianna was with us, she tends to be very needy while we hunt. When we hunt she is in the front, on my lap, on his lap, tired, hungry, has to pee, needs to.... okay you get the idea, and the fact that I was quitting smoking , it would have been unbearable for me to handle her needs haha. I love my child and of course would have loved her to go with us, but that trip, it was probably for the best!
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Can I do it....

9:21 P.M. I am almost 48 hours smoke free and I am not doing very well. Even tho I am using the patch, I am fighting these cravings alone it feels. I have literally slept all day just to try and be okay with llife today. Hubby took the girls to see their grandmother and I had the house to myself. It was hard to not think about smoking since the house was silent. I ended up snuggling in bed and watching twilight and taking a snooze! When I woke I felt okay but still my emotions going crazy! Right now tho, I feel fine. I so not like this emotional roller coaster I am on! Last night before I went to bed I was sure that I was going to have a hard time but I did not. I got in bed, watched a little of the movie, turned over and I layed there for maybe 20 minutes listening to the movies, but smoking did not cross my mind like I thought it would have. I was always picky about having one before bed. I felt like I was doing ao well but today, I feel like it's getting the best of me for one, and that I will fail and smoke again beczuase the cravings are so intense, and the crying, and mood swings ECT. I can't deal with and have to deal with my children, as I showed myself today. I mean I slept! I can't do that with my children and I won't UUUUGH! I can and WILL do this. May just take a little different plan of attach! What that is? I have no idea just yet, but something has to give.
Original Post
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!
8:48 A.M.I have been up for a little over 2 hours, and smoke free for 9 hours. I went out side and enjoyed (sick I know) my last cigarette at 11 o'clock last night! I feel like my insides are freaking out, and I feel myself, out of total habit, keep thinking, well before I do dishes I will go smoke, while I wait 20 minuets for little train picture to load I will go smoke. I can't believe how much I thought about. Am I thinking about it more now that I don't have any? I am sure! I think I am kinda feeling freaked out because I know it's going to get worse! My emotions will stir, my hair will fly, I will be moody, I will want to sleep (helps get over craving) and I will want to eat to keep my hands and mind busy! I am not posting this as I go, I will just post as one big thing at the end of the day.
I also want to add, my hubs is awesome, he is also quitting nicotine (in the for of chew) and today will actually be his second day! Maybe when he gets home I can get him to give me his feelings and emotions today as he continues to fight nicotine!

5:33 P.M.It took me a while to get back to my blog because I have a craving that I felt was going to defeat me. I felt shaky, dizzy, I was day dreaming and just not together. I could have cried on request and turned around and blew fire from my nostrils. How did I deal, well I took a nap. Addisyn was sleeping and Brianna was watching cartoon and almost asleep. When I woke up I felt fine. No craving, no need, nothing! It was nice. I think one thing that triggered it was that I ate. Well I also just ate dinner, and this time I feel well. So far! I am not even wearing a patch! There was one time that I thought about going outside, and that was right after I ate and I was thinking I will let the family finish then clean up when I get in, but honestly it was not that bad of an urge. I got over it fairly quick and like I said feel good now.

Calvin is feeling much the same way that I am. He is short tempered right now, and I forgive him for that! He also can't handle a noise going on for an amount of time (ex. Addisyn crying) without getting frustrated and hanging his head. Again I forgive him and understand! I am sure I am the same way, but I don't really see it. I know I am triggered by the smallest thing, and tears well up, but I don't let them roll! I take a breath and chill! haha. I am now at 18 hours from my last cigarette!

7:09P.M.Success! We went to Calvin's fathers house because it is his fathers birthday. Well while we were there I seen at least 4 cigarettes light and it the smell was obnoxious! Was it torture? Not really, because I prepared myself before we went over there with a fresh patch and also with the mind set that I was strong enough to make it. Not only that but I know that this would not be the first time in this situation. I am proud of myself! I feel like I have done well!

Since it in 9:00 in the east, I am going to post this now, and my updates will be at the top for the rest of the night!

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Last night while working on Molly's blog @ Making it Work I decided to mess with pictures of her children and give them that antique/rustic look...they turned out awesome!

Is he not just the cutest!

I could take pictures of this gorgeous girl all day! Love it!

Do they not rock your socks!!! Ok I will talk them up til I am blue in the face because I am in total love with how good they look! I am no professional, but you have to admit (JUST SAY IT) they are pretty darn cool! =]

(Felt good to brag haha)

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Somethings are NOT meant to be!

Sometimes I think I connect on the wrong level. Or I just get so stupid over little things. I tend to forget that there is a Master Plan. Two events took the best of me these past few weeks, and I need to refresh myself and not beat myself up over them.

We have planned on getting a dog for while a while now, and finally my husband agreed to it. So I found a beautiful dog convo'ed with the shelter, had the application form all filled out, and BAM the person we are buying the trailer from would rather we had it paid off before we get a pet. *sigh* What a bummer. It felt sooo right. I had myself, my daughter and friends all hyped up just to lose it all! Will I know better for next time, probably not, but I will do my best to deal with the decisions, good or bad. I will have faith that something will give, and we will be able to get her soon. Hey, one can hope!

You were informed that I had an interview yesterday for a nanny position. Well tonight T. called me and let me know that the position had been filled, but he would keep me in mind if some thing was to not work out! Again I let it get the best of me, and threw a pity party for myself! I know what good that job would have done for my family but I can't let it effect me like I so let it. I am a little disappointed in the way I have been handling myself when things don't go my way.

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Happy Birthday Addisyn!

What a blast my daughters first birthday was!! (8.6.09)
Thank you to all who attended!

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FLYbaby (Friday) -sunday-

I know readers, again I am late but it's been very busy around here. My baby just turned one on the 6th and then my brother from FL is here, and he is leaving today, so I spent some quality time with him. I am going to miss him like crazy when he leaves.

On to the (late) post.
You commenters (here) made my day and gave me more motivation! Thank you. This week, I did poorly at FLYing but I was very busy, as said above, BUT tomorrow I am back on track and going to set my timer and see what I can get done in my hour of bliss. Then see what else needs to be done before my interview on Monday (read below).

BBR=Before Bed Routine
After children are in their beds sleeping, hopefully, I take this time to think about "tomorrow". Do lunches need to be made, are clothes picked out for the day, including myself, are there any errands I need to run, mail needing to be stamped/mailed out. These little tasks taken care of and known about the night before save you time, and help me to remember. Anything that needs to be taken out of the house, like mail, I have a "launch pad". This to is a reminder the next morning that I indeed have something that I need to do. I am guilty of forgetting that Calvin needs something done, but now that I use a launch pad (except for bill NOT placed here oops) I get those honey-do's done. Another bed time task would be my living room and I need to work on this. A quick pick up is all it would need, but sometimes after kids are in bed, I rush and want to also get to bed. If you have children I am sure you can relate. I think it's nice to wake up to my shined sink, so why not a clean living room also. Speaking of the sink, since you have loaded all your dishes all day long into your dishwasher (or washed them as they were dirty to those who don't have dish washer) you can grab a clean rag, your Windex and clean up water spots on sink. Then turn right to your dishwasher and turn it on, or on your drying rack, get a head start and put everything dry away. Sometimes I will also start another load of laundry because we all know how it tends to pile up so quickly, and then in the AM, switch it all over and start again. If you are making a dinner that requires meat, now is a good time to pull it. One less thing to do tomorrow. Now this I kind of just made up on my own, but when I am satisfied with my BBR I spot clean. This is one very small task, that will take less than 30 seconds. Dust the top of your T.V., wipe off front of fridge, or even just the handle, wet rag your kitchen floor, but maybe only in front of stove...what ever you decide your spot is, just do it. Fast and get over it. This spot clean is just one more thing to keep you FLYing.

Interview: I have an interview on Monday for a nanny job. One child, 2 weeks on 1 week off, no weekends. I got a call on Thursday, and he wants to interview me on Monday. I am very hopeful but nervous. This job would be ideal. Stay home with the children, and also it will be in my home. What better of job could I pray for? So tonight when you lay me down to sleep, please ask that this job go through and maybe finally we will get out of this financial rut!

FLYing a little late!

Sorry, I am a little late on my FLYing this week. Calvin was off Thursday-Sunday, and I didn't have much time to get here and post my FLYbaby Friday! So here it is, a little late!

You would not believe how much I did not have to do today to re-coop from my hubs being home. When he is home I get lazy, or something, and I tend to do nothing but dishes. Today I set my timer for my 10 minuets a room and breezed right through my house work. I was even able to get my entry way cleaned up and the screen door cleaned. Impressed? I thought so. even though it WILL need done again, many times a week >>>

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The habit for August is Laundry.

I will give you a short break down of my morning routine. Since I have children, this may vary from yours.

I try to wake 15 minutes before the children, but since that does not always happen, when I crawl out of bed I grab Addie from her bed, put her in her food chair, and grab a handful of Cheerios and head to my bathroom. Since I live in a trailer, I just have to look over my shoulder and I can see Addie (no unattended eating here). I wash my face, brush my teeth, grab my rag and windex and swipe my bathroom sink, counter and mirror. I then swish my toilet, grab same rag used on sink and wipe top, lid, floor, and bowl of toilet. By this time Brianna is up and ready for breakfast, so I make both girls oatmeal or cereal and while they are occupied, I get my dishes unloaded from dishwasher (since I loaded and started it night before) and now my dishwasher is ready for all dishes for the day. Then since my laundry room is right off the kitchen and girls still contained, I start a load of laundry. What I pull out of the dryer is set on kitchen table and I take a break with my children. Of course I come back to my laundry, and fold and put away, most days. I am guilty of it sitting there until the next day, but I do my best to get it put away right when it's done. This Friday I will post my before bed routine! Have a good time FLYing!

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