First and Then some!

I have started part time baby sitting for a chick I literally have known since I was a pip squeak! What a joy it is to have our children grow up and play together! It's been a really good day. Today is our first day and he has been awesome.We will call him K. until I talk to his mother about blogging about him. Altho I have pictured him on here already, oops! When K's mother left this morning, he started getting pretty upset about it. Well I held him, and after the door shut he was not having it so I asked if he wanted a cracker... silence! Yea that's right, I rock. haha! K snacked on a cracker along with the girls and the day has been bliss since! Besides MY child. Addisyn has a little discomfort of K being here, but soon I hope she will get over it and not be as jealous and also not want to be held all the time. It's not like he is a baby baby, he is actually older then Addie, but she is just not sure around having another child in the home I suppose.

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I have learned that quitting smoking will probably be the hardest thing I will ever do. If you have been following, you know that my husband is also quitting tobacco (chewing). Well I will be honest, I was having a real bad time with the cravings, and to deal I did not leave my (irritated from quitting tobacco) husband to hang with the kiddos as I duct into our room for a snooze. Yea I would never!

This past Friday we went out bow hunting for antelope. It was hubs, Addie and myself, Brianna was with her grandmother. While I wish Brianna was with us, she tends to be very needy while we hunt. When we hunt she is in the front, on my lap, on his lap, tired, hungry, has to pee, needs to.... okay you get the idea, and the fact that I was quitting smoking , it would have been unbearable for me to handle her needs haha. I love my child and of course would have loved her to go with us, but that trip, it was probably for the best!
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    That's great that you are able to watch your friend's son! Hunting antelope, huh? I hope you got some!