Mashed together

I want to start this off with ((drum roll)) Smoke free since Aug. 12th 2009! Nice right. Well I take that back, I did have one the other day, and ICK! It was gross, and that was a little encouraging. I felt accomplished. And honestly the only reason I did smoke, was out of pure habit. I have not had patches on for days, so I know it's wasn't anything to do with nicotine. anyways, YaY for me!!

I know...

I have been slacking with FLYbaby Fridays. I am sorry I am just not feeling them! I would love for it to hit, but I am just not loving it! I will continue to give different little cleaning hints and tips, tricks though. They will just come whenever.

Moving on.

I am a movie GEEK! I would love to talk about movies. I am not sure, but I think it would be fun. I was thinking of doing it a few different ways. We all think of the weekend as movie night. So maybe Thursday I can review a movie (or two) that way on Friday on your way home from work you can pick something up.


Sometimes I get movies before they hit shelves, but since that is not always true I can just review after I watch them so you know to reserve it or whatever on Tuesday.


Yes, another option! I can just review them as I go, because I can watch a movie every night some weeks but do I really want a movie post everyday. No.

So give me some of your ideas, thoughts, suggestions please. I think it could be real helpful since I do watch so many and you may want to know what you are getting ahead of time. Something to think about! But please think out loud.

This has been a great week. The little boy I have been watching (we now can call Korbyn) is doing better everyday. Less crying when Meisha (his mother) leaves, eating well, and we are getting to know each other. Oh and can't forget about his sleeping! First day when he slept 20 minutes, I was like my goodness I could not even re coop that quickly, but back at it I was. He is VERY busy little boy, a bit of a bully (it's all good) but most importantly he is fun, and blessed, and has a good mother and great people surrounding him! I expect things to get even better and soon we will have nothing but fun while Korbyn and the girls are together! Ain't he a stud!

Well there is a little catch up to my life! While we get used to having Korb around, I will blog, as I continue to do well with cleaning and not smoking, I will blog, but as money runs short, I may not blog. Sorry to say but my blog my have to go on an end of summer vacation as we are flirting with the idea of turning off internet and cable while we need a little extra money. I will update that as we know more and decide.

Hope you enojyed your mashed post-atoes! HaHa!

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    Way back in the day I quit drinking pop and I found that when I would take a sip of one I didn't like it at all. Then I got pregnant with Kyndra and for some reason that made me like it again but I hardly ever drink it now.


    Congrats on being smoking free... a major accomplishment with lots of hard work. I have not been good at FLYing over the weekend and today was a total lost since I called into work. We will see about tomorrow since I have a lot to catch up on. And yes, Korbyn is a cutie. :)