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See MckMama live today with Focus on the Family.
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Other guest speakers include Jill Savage from Hearts at Home
and also hear from Toby Mac, a Christian contemporary music artist.

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Today in honor of Wordless Wednesday, I want your review on....

Whip It

Also look for an update to The Weigh In!



Warning: May contain spoilers.
Rated R for strong language and some disturbing violent content
Brothers: A war movie that makes you feel it. You can't help but feel and think differently after watching 'Brothers'. As an American that has not been in a war setting, this movie puts your thoughts into reality. We have NO idea what our soldiers go through. How they really feel. How things change. This movie was about a man who is deployed and soon after his black hawk crashes and all said people are claimed dead. Back home his brother slowly slips into his shoes being there with the wife and 2 children. After being found as a POW he is sent home where everything is different. His wife has been with his brother, his children like their uncle better, he is not the same person and everything he comes home to has changed also. This is a very powerful movie. It is a movie for all (over 18) with any walk of life. It was that open.

Movie week and Not Me! Monday

I think it is a good week to do movie reviews. I will do a new movie everyday, maybe even a few movies. If you want to chime in on the movie review, that's great. Or if you have watched something awesome then write your own review. WARNING: May have spoilers.

Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by SapphirePrecious: Heartbreaking, yes. Worth all the rave, I didn't think so. My mother in law was set on seeing this movie and I heard a bit about it so I too was sucked into wanting to see it. I was disappointed, honestly. It was slow going, not really much a "movie" movie I guess. I was lead to believe it was a true story and that is what pushed me through it. Well, it's not. it is based on a book ("Push") which the author stated in an interview that the Precious character was a jumble of many teens she knew when she was a teacher. While I know things like this happen daily to young teens and it IS very sad, I just was not very keen on the movie.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)New Moon: I believe I reviewed on New Moon after the hubs and I watched it in theaters but it honestly would deserve another review. With more money and a new director, New Moon was so much more than Twilight. (Don't be lead to believe that I didn't LOVE Twilight even though it was a bit under my expectations) the graphics where pretty dang cool, the story line was much better followed than in Twilight and big events that "us" as readers felt...I guess you could say connected to or felt strongly about, were indeed played out on screen in New Moon. all around it was a good show. Even for those that did not read the books, like my husband.

The Box [Blu-ray]The Box: When I rented the movie, my cousin (who works there) said others had bad to say about it. I did not think it was bad at all. It had a good story line, it all tied up at the end and it kept a hold of your attention. It has those weird twists that makes you say "Oh yea, this is the ending" and then wah-bam, you change your mind and say "well, hmm I guess I was wrong"

Because it is Monday I am also going to throw in my Not Me! Monday. And it goes with the movie theme!

When I barrowed Twilight from my brother, I had all intentions of returing it after 1 viewing. Of course I did, right? Well not exactly. But you will not hear me confess the fact that it is about warn out because of watching it umpteen million times. Nor will I lead you to believe that I about have New Moon memorized word for word. Nope, I am not an above and beyond Twilight saga obsessive mommy. Oh and my oldest daughter does not know all about Edward and Bella. Come on, she's only 4 and can't know about vampires, werewolves and love triangles. that has to be against my rules, right....Not Me!!

New Car!

We spent most of the day sitting in a car dealership yesterday. Brianna was being watched by my mother-in-law but little miss Addie tagged along with us. I have to say, she did SO good. I think she had one meltdown and that was only because I didn't let her smash my cell phone into the ground. I have to say, that is awesome for a 19 month old. So without further ado, here is my new car.

2007 Honda Accord

We will save a ton of money on gas considering my jeep only got 9mpg in town and 17mpg highway. There are many advantages to purchasing this car, we are very happy with.

Booger what??

Booger Bear! Toys tested and loved by kids. You can read the blog here or you can visit her store here. Recently I worked with Carri to improve and beautify her Booger Bear blog. In return she sent these for my girls.



Many BIG thanks to Carri at Booger Bear! These items are already well used.

Not so simplified!

My whole family is up and down with this nasty cold that has been shuffling from one to another then back around. So as far as my getting simplified...I didn't. This few bits are the only things that did end up getting done.


I did not get a before pic of this "catch all"
and it still seems to have too much on it,
but it works for me, for now!

Since, like Lynnette mentioned also, we are in this room daily and I try to keep it fairly clean and don't store stuff here, I may just go a head and move on. I know that I can tidy up the desk, but other than that there is not much else.

Bedroom or closet... I really have to think what one to do. Honestly we just did my room because we were tired of seeing junk, and we did the girls room when they got the new bed. Closets... well I don't have a "hall" closet or I would do that. The girls clostet is their toys and will never have order, just went through their clothes also...but the top shelf could use some working on. I think I will keep it easy on myself since girls are sick and do the top of their closet.



Crayons for RAW(e)

and the winner is....

Pam Ponder Please use my contact info (located top right side bar)
and send me your address!! Thank you to everyone who came by my blog with
the parade. And thank you Abigail for hosting. It was a lot of fun!!

Need some motivation in Simplifying your madness for the sake of you sanity? Grab this button from Lynnette, set goals and enjoy decluttering, dejunking and reorganizing your home.

My goals this week will be set in my living room. Remember the shoe self from here. It tends to get out of hand so I want to donate shoes we are no longer wearing and clear the top of it. Also want to come up with a "hat box" because I know from experience, it becomes a catch all of hats, mittens and junk. Then I want to carpet clean the other half I didn't get to last week. I want to replace my curtains with something a little more bold than blue and white (boring) and I would like to replace the welcome mat. They may not happen this week but it's something I plan. Maybe will a new feel to the windows I will explore some new couch pillows. (Or cover current ones) My light colored chairs are a complete disaster of a mess so one gets covered with my blanket and the other one, well it's Calvin's so I just kind of leave it since he brings oils and muck when he comes home anyways. Maybe I will find some slip covers some day. Other than general pick up and dusting that's it for the living room. It seems pretty cluttered to me a little claustrophobic even but what to do when you are growing out of the house, you make it work, that's what you do.
Tis the day for best and worst dressed. The day after the Oscars, a day in the news. In fact that is what I am basing this post off. I did not get to enjoy the Oscars this year as the husband was into another program. So here is to catching up on the Oscars.

Do you have an opinion on this years features? I would love to hear about it.

Who pulled it off?

Don't want to be the judge but still curious...there are a bijillion sites that will host their opinion for you today. Like here. 

Now onto those who won, and didn't. Hurt Locker, winning Best Picture. Over Avatar? I did watch both Avatar and Hurt Locker and honestly I didn't think either was "the best". Both good movies, yes, but with Avatar being 1# for how many weeks just to be smashed over at the Oscars...I think we need a recount. I will congratulate Kathryn Bigelow for best director. First female to win the Best Director award even. That is a win worth a thousand words.

I have yet to see The Blind Side but I have full faith that Sandra Bullock pulled it off. From the bits and bites I have seen, yes, she is well awarded with Best Actress. This is on my must see movie list.

I also read that Up was giving an award for Best Original Score. That had to be the cutest little movie ever. My whole family enjoyed watching it.

Precious actress Mo'nique grabbed Best Supporting Actress. I have always enjoyed Mo,nique. Just her spirit and whole being is pleasant to watch. I am waiting the March 9th (tomorrow) release to nab this movie.

Who pulled it off?
I want your input!

Next line of business. A feature in the future? I sure hope so. This person is dear to my heart. They deal with day to day issues and struggles that many take for granted. Even myself, seeing this person every single day, still don't understand the daily problems that arise or the day to day pain.  "Who is this feature?", you ask?

My heart, my life,
              my HUSBAND!

He deals everyday with limited mobility in his hip from a malformation of the socket. This is called Perthes Disease, but not really a disease at all (read link). In my husbands case, it occurred when there was an injury (as a child) and it cause the "ball" of the "ball and socket" joint in his hip to have a loss of blood supply literally killed it. The doctors say he is in need of a hip replacement but he has to hold off as long as he can since it is limited as to how many times you can get new legs. :) I hope to have him tell his side and really let you in on how everyday he is Living with Perthes.


March 03, 23 years ago a baby was born!
Me! My husband knows me to well and surprised me with Twilight Journals. Maybe he thinks it will inspire me to write some novels and make us famous. Whoa! When I typed "famous" it made my stomach turn a little bit. Yes extra money would be great. A lot more money would make us uncomfortable though. People always wanting to "capture" us with their big lenses and bright flashes. Stalking. Sneaking. Yea, I will pass on that! Maybe something low key, that wouldn't be bad. I am not really writter material I don't think. Ok totally off topic, moving on!

So it was my birthday, we had a small family gathering with Death by Chololate cake, Stawberry Short cake, huge sub sandwhiches and macoroni salad (Thanks again, mom). We over ate, laughed and enjoyed company of good friends and loving family!

Thank you Calvin for getting everyone together and being the wonderful husband you are. I enjoyed (and survived) another year with you by my side! LOVES AND HUGS

Blog Party!

1. What's your favorite time of the day, and why?

Morning. Early morning to be more specific. It's just me and my sleeping children and it's a great time for mommy. Like now. Husband at work, children sleeping, coffee and blog world!

2. If health wasn't an issue, what food could you live off of?

Goldfish! Do I need to go on. They are the snack that smiles back and I can not get enough of those cute little crackers.

3. If you could have one wish granted (besides wishing for more wishes), what would it be?
I would love free produce for life. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies and it tends to get pretty pricey. I wish we had a farmers market in the summer, that would pretty much ROCK!

4. What's one thing that you get teased about a lot?

I try to use, I guess you would call them, phrases. Puns maybe. Examples: American as apple pie, Clear as mud, Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, and so on. But frankly, they just never come out at the right time nor with all words correct. I just want to be quick with come backs and saying's that fit.

5. If you could choose one movie, book, or TV show to spend your life in, which would you pick? What type of character would you be?
Oh man, that is tough. I am a twilight fan and Edward is a hottie but I am more the olden day type of folk. I love the 60's and 70's and the bee-bops so I am going to go with a "time" instead of a specific book or movie and say the 60's and 70's.

6. If you could have one talent that you don't already have, what would it be?
Inventing. I would love to be an invention geek! One of those hopefuls and have products that make you say "Why didn't I think of that?".

7.If money were no object, where would you go on vacation?
Wow, I am not sure I can pick once place. Somewhere over seas. Spain, Egypt, Australia. I would even love to make it to Alaska or Hawaii.

8. If you were an awesome singer, which genre would you sing? Again, going back in time, I love oldies (but goodies). Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Beatles, The Who, Jackson 5, all those great songs these and so many others that make up our history of 60's and 70's!

9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, what would it be?
Cabelas! They have something fun for the whole family. We went there this weekend and I could easily spend $10,000 there!

10. If you could live in any point in time, when would it be?
Well I think by now you know, 60's and 70's!

11. If every outfit in your wardrobe had to be one color, what would it be?
Is clean and stain free a color. I would have to go with olive green. It's such a great color (and looks good with my eyes.)

12. If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be?
Today, I am going with Sneezy. I think I am allergic to Utah! Ever since getting home I am all runny and sneezy!

13. What's the last album you listened to?
I can't even recall!

14. What's something we'd be surprised to know about you?
Out of immediate family, I have been in jail the longest. 3 months. Ok not JAIL jail, but juvenile detention center when I was 15. It was a few things pilled up together and the rebel in me thinking I was indestructable. Think again! Everything changed once I was out and I have not been in trouble since.


This is my 100th post. That sounds like we need a giveaway! Please comment below to be entered BUT be sure to leave me a :) so I know you have read this! (p.s) lauren, you commented before I posted this so I will put you in the drawing!)

Happy Monday!