Oscars and A Feature...

Tis the day for best and worst dressed. The day after the Oscars, a day in the news. In fact that is what I am basing this post off. I did not get to enjoy the Oscars this year as the husband was into another program. So here is to catching up on the Oscars.

Do you have an opinion on this years features? I would love to hear about it.

Who pulled it off?

Don't want to be the judge but still curious...there are a bijillion sites that will host their opinion for you today. Like here. 

Now onto those who won, and didn't. Hurt Locker, winning Best Picture. Over Avatar? I did watch both Avatar and Hurt Locker and honestly I didn't think either was "the best". Both good movies, yes, but with Avatar being 1# for how many weeks just to be smashed over at the Oscars...I think we need a recount. I will congratulate Kathryn Bigelow for best director. First female to win the Best Director award even. That is a win worth a thousand words.

I have yet to see The Blind Side but I have full faith that Sandra Bullock pulled it off. From the bits and bites I have seen, yes, she is well awarded with Best Actress. This is on my must see movie list.

I also read that Up was giving an award for Best Original Score. That had to be the cutest little movie ever. My whole family enjoyed watching it.

Precious actress Mo'nique grabbed Best Supporting Actress. I have always enjoyed Mo,nique. Just her spirit and whole being is pleasant to watch. I am waiting the March 9th (tomorrow) release to nab this movie.

Who pulled it off?
I want your input!

Next line of business. A feature in the future? I sure hope so. This person is dear to my heart. They deal with day to day issues and struggles that many take for granted. Even myself, seeing this person every single day, still don't understand the daily problems that arise or the day to day pain.  "Who is this feature?", you ask?

My heart, my life,
              my HUSBAND!

He deals everyday with limited mobility in his hip from a malformation of the socket. This is called Perthes Disease, but not really a disease at all (read link). In my husbands case, it occurred when there was an injury (as a child) and it cause the "ball" of the "ball and socket" joint in his hip to have a loss of blood supply literally killed it. The doctors say he is in need of a hip replacement but he has to hold off as long as he can since it is limited as to how many times you can get new legs. :) I hope to have him tell his side and really let you in on how everyday he is Living with Perthes.


    I only watched a small portion of the Oscars. I watched that dance portion of it and I thought that was really good but I guess some critics didn't like it.

    Yes, The Blind Side is a terrific movie!!