Need some motivation in Simplifying your madness for the sake of you sanity? Grab this button from Lynnette, set goals and enjoy decluttering, dejunking and reorganizing your home.

My goals this week will be set in my living room. Remember the shoe self from here. It tends to get out of hand so I want to donate shoes we are no longer wearing and clear the top of it. Also want to come up with a "hat box" because I know from experience, it becomes a catch all of hats, mittens and junk. Then I want to carpet clean the other half I didn't get to last week. I want to replace my curtains with something a little more bold than blue and white (boring) and I would like to replace the welcome mat. They may not happen this week but it's something I plan. Maybe will a new feel to the windows I will explore some new couch pillows. (Or cover current ones) My light colored chairs are a complete disaster of a mess so one gets covered with my blanket and the other one, well it's Calvin's so I just kind of leave it since he brings oils and muck when he comes home anyways. Maybe I will find some slip covers some day. Other than general pick up and dusting that's it for the living room. It seems pretty cluttered to me a little claustrophobic even but what to do when you are growing out of the house, you make it work, that's what you do.


    Boy do I know about dirty furniture! My sofa is dark taupe and somehow STILL looks filthy! I guess I'll get my bucket out and start scrubbing it too!!!

    You've also inspired me to pull my curtains back out. I took them down a while back and have had thought of them lately. I hope I didn't get rid of them. They really are very pretty.

    Have a beautiful day Jessica.