March 03, 23 years ago a baby was born!
Me! My husband knows me to well and surprised me with Twilight Journals. Maybe he thinks it will inspire me to write some novels and make us famous. Whoa! When I typed "famous" it made my stomach turn a little bit. Yes extra money would be great. A lot more money would make us uncomfortable though. People always wanting to "capture" us with their big lenses and bright flashes. Stalking. Sneaking. Yea, I will pass on that! Maybe something low key, that wouldn't be bad. I am not really writter material I don't think. Ok totally off topic, moving on!

So it was my birthday, we had a small family gathering with Death by Chololate cake, Stawberry Short cake, huge sub sandwhiches and macoroni salad (Thanks again, mom). We over ate, laughed and enjoyed company of good friends and loving family!

Thank you Calvin for getting everyone together and being the wonderful husband you are. I enjoyed (and survived) another year with you by my side! LOVES AND HUGS


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You share a special day with my baby, who turned TWO yesterday! Hope you have a great year, and glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration.


    Happy Birthday!!!!!!


    Happy birthday! And thanks for your comment on my post! I love meeting new friends! blessings!


    Happy belated Bday!! Yeah, it'd be nice to be famous for the money but that's it!! They kinda have too much money really!! I totally wouldn't want cameras following me!