Warning: May contain spoilers.
Rated R for strong language and some disturbing violent content
Brothers: A war movie that makes you feel it. You can't help but feel and think differently after watching 'Brothers'. As an American that has not been in a war setting, this movie puts your thoughts into reality. We have NO idea what our soldiers go through. How they really feel. How things change. This movie was about a man who is deployed and soon after his black hawk crashes and all said people are claimed dead. Back home his brother slowly slips into his shoes being there with the wife and 2 children. After being found as a POW he is sent home where everything is different. His wife has been with his brother, his children like their uncle better, he is not the same person and everything he comes home to has changed also. This is a very powerful movie. It is a movie for all (over 18) with any walk of life. It was that open.