Movie week and Not Me! Monday

I think it is a good week to do movie reviews. I will do a new movie everyday, maybe even a few movies. If you want to chime in on the movie review, that's great. Or if you have watched something awesome then write your own review. WARNING: May have spoilers.

Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by SapphirePrecious: Heartbreaking, yes. Worth all the rave, I didn't think so. My mother in law was set on seeing this movie and I heard a bit about it so I too was sucked into wanting to see it. I was disappointed, honestly. It was slow going, not really much a "movie" movie I guess. I was lead to believe it was a true story and that is what pushed me through it. Well, it's not. it is based on a book ("Push") which the author stated in an interview that the Precious character was a jumble of many teens she knew when she was a teacher. While I know things like this happen daily to young teens and it IS very sad, I just was not very keen on the movie.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)New Moon: I believe I reviewed on New Moon after the hubs and I watched it in theaters but it honestly would deserve another review. With more money and a new director, New Moon was so much more than Twilight. (Don't be lead to believe that I didn't LOVE Twilight even though it was a bit under my expectations) the graphics where pretty dang cool, the story line was much better followed than in Twilight and big events that "us" as readers felt...I guess you could say connected to or felt strongly about, were indeed played out on screen in New Moon. all around it was a good show. Even for those that did not read the books, like my husband.

The Box [Blu-ray]The Box: When I rented the movie, my cousin (who works there) said others had bad to say about it. I did not think it was bad at all. It had a good story line, it all tied up at the end and it kept a hold of your attention. It has those weird twists that makes you say "Oh yea, this is the ending" and then wah-bam, you change your mind and say "well, hmm I guess I was wrong"

Because it is Monday I am also going to throw in my Not Me! Monday. And it goes with the movie theme!

When I barrowed Twilight from my brother, I had all intentions of returing it after 1 viewing. Of course I did, right? Well not exactly. But you will not hear me confess the fact that it is about warn out because of watching it umpteen million times. Nor will I lead you to believe that I about have New Moon memorized word for word. Nope, I am not an above and beyond Twilight saga obsessive mommy. Oh and my oldest daughter does not know all about Edward and Bella. Come on, she's only 4 and can't know about vampires, werewolves and love triangles. that has to be against my rules, right....Not Me!!


    found you through MckMama! I totally agree with your Precious review. So freaking depressing!


    I had thought Precious was based on a true story but apparently not! It was ok. LOVE NEW MOON!