Not so simplified!

My whole family is up and down with this nasty cold that has been shuffling from one to another then back around. So as far as my getting simplified...I didn't. This few bits are the only things that did end up getting done.


I did not get a before pic of this "catch all"
and it still seems to have too much on it,
but it works for me, for now!

Since, like Lynnette mentioned also, we are in this room daily and I try to keep it fairly clean and don't store stuff here, I may just go a head and move on. I know that I can tidy up the desk, but other than that there is not much else.

Bedroom or closet... I really have to think what one to do. Honestly we just did my room because we were tired of seeing junk, and we did the girls room when they got the new bed. Closets... well I don't have a "hall" closet or I would do that. The girls clostet is their toys and will never have order, just went through their clothes also...but the top shelf could use some working on. I think I will keep it easy on myself since girls are sick and do the top of their closet.



    Looks great! Sometimes baby steps are all we can do, but they lead to the bigger steps! Blessings!


    Well, the little jobs matter too huh? Good for you working despite the sickness. Even that little bit made you feel better huh?

    Have a perfectly lovely evening.


    cleaning and being sick is not fun so great job for getting something done! :)


    Looks least you did something...better than some, ahem, slackers who go golfing instead of cleaning. =)


    Oh it is so hard when everyone is sick. We need some nice weather here in South Dakota. Or at least a little it of sun. Good job the areas you accomplished. Hope all are feeling better this week.


    The little jobs are also important and they also make you feel like you accomplished something! You did a fine job, especially having to manuever around sickies, poor things. Hope everyone is feeling better by now.

    Just wanted to hop over and say thank you for visiting my blog today... so happy you could stop by! I read through some of your posts and one caught me particularly... you and I seem to have something in common, our husbands living with medical and physical conditions every day of their lives (I have a link to Jerry's medical updates on my blog). I will be interested to learn how your Calvin deals with his issues each day of his life.

    Anyway, so happy to meet you! I'll be back for sure! ♥