Somethings are NOT meant to be!

Sometimes I think I connect on the wrong level. Or I just get so stupid over little things. I tend to forget that there is a Master Plan. Two events took the best of me these past few weeks, and I need to refresh myself and not beat myself up over them.

We have planned on getting a dog for while a while now, and finally my husband agreed to it. So I found a beautiful dog convo'ed with the shelter, had the application form all filled out, and BAM the person we are buying the trailer from would rather we had it paid off before we get a pet. *sigh* What a bummer. It felt sooo right. I had myself, my daughter and friends all hyped up just to lose it all! Will I know better for next time, probably not, but I will do my best to deal with the decisions, good or bad. I will have faith that something will give, and we will be able to get her soon. Hey, one can hope!

You were informed that I had an interview yesterday for a nanny position. Well tonight T. called me and let me know that the position had been filled, but he would keep me in mind if some thing was to not work out! Again I let it get the best of me, and threw a pity party for myself! I know what good that job would have done for my family but I can't let it effect me like I so let it. I am a little disappointed in the way I have been handling myself when things don't go my way.

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    Hey, I've thrown my own pity parties before. It's hard not to be disappointed and stew in it. You live and learn!! Is that the dog you were gonna get? So cute!!! I wish you could've gotten the nanny position. I pray that something even better comes your way!


    It's tough sometimes to not throw pity parties when you get two let downs like that, right in a row. But keep the faith. Things always get much better right after they look sucky, in my opinion at least.


    There is a bigger master plan, I just wish we could get a glimpse at that plan sometimes so as to not get so frustrated with change. Praying there is something even bigger and better in regards to the job. Keep your head up (though it is ok to have a pity party too, just don't get stuck there).