FLYbaby (Friday) -sunday-

I know readers, again I am late but it's been very busy around here. My baby just turned one on the 6th and then my brother from FL is here, and he is leaving today, so I spent some quality time with him. I am going to miss him like crazy when he leaves.

On to the (late) post.
You commenters (here) made my day and gave me more motivation! Thank you. This week, I did poorly at FLYing but I was very busy, as said above, BUT tomorrow I am back on track and going to set my timer and see what I can get done in my hour of bliss. Then see what else needs to be done before my interview on Monday (read below).

BBR=Before Bed Routine
After children are in their beds sleeping, hopefully, I take this time to think about "tomorrow". Do lunches need to be made, are clothes picked out for the day, including myself, are there any errands I need to run, mail needing to be stamped/mailed out. These little tasks taken care of and known about the night before save you time, and help me to remember. Anything that needs to be taken out of the house, like mail, I have a "launch pad". This to is a reminder the next morning that I indeed have something that I need to do. I am guilty of forgetting that Calvin needs something done, but now that I use a launch pad (except for bill NOT placed here oops) I get those honey-do's done. Another bed time task would be my living room and I need to work on this. A quick pick up is all it would need, but sometimes after kids are in bed, I rush and want to also get to bed. If you have children I am sure you can relate. I think it's nice to wake up to my shined sink, so why not a clean living room also. Speaking of the sink, since you have loaded all your dishes all day long into your dishwasher (or washed them as they were dirty to those who don't have dish washer) you can grab a clean rag, your Windex and clean up water spots on sink. Then turn right to your dishwasher and turn it on, or on your drying rack, get a head start and put everything dry away. Sometimes I will also start another load of laundry because we all know how it tends to pile up so quickly, and then in the AM, switch it all over and start again. If you are making a dinner that requires meat, now is a good time to pull it. One less thing to do tomorrow. Now this I kind of just made up on my own, but when I am satisfied with my BBR I spot clean. This is one very small task, that will take less than 30 seconds. Dust the top of your T.V., wipe off front of fridge, or even just the handle, wet rag your kitchen floor, but maybe only in front of stove...what ever you decide your spot is, just do it. Fast and get over it. This spot clean is just one more thing to keep you FLYing.

Interview: I have an interview on Monday for a nanny job. One child, 2 weeks on 1 week off, no weekends. I got a call on Thursday, and he wants to interview me on Monday. I am very hopeful but nervous. This job would be ideal. Stay home with the children, and also it will be in my home. What better of job could I pray for? So tonight when you lay me down to sleep, please ask that this job go through and maybe finally we will get out of this financial rut!


    Many prayers for your interview tomorrow. Can't wait to hear the good news. I do pretty good at the night time routine. I love cleaning up the living room before going to bed because there is nothing better then a clean floor to greet me in the morning (the sink is my issue really). With school starting I really need to get on board with setting out clothes the night before. That would take a lot of stress out of our morning. Gonna start that one TONIGHT so we can practice for school starting on Wed. I am also getting nervous about FLYing starting Wed. because then I won't have an excuse for why the house isn't clean. Baby steps and I know my husband is going to love it.


    Great tips! Thanks!! And I hope you get the job!!