FLYing a little late!

Sorry, I am a little late on my FLYing this week. Calvin was off Thursday-Sunday, and I didn't have much time to get here and post my FLYbaby Friday! So here it is, a little late!

You would not believe how much I did not have to do today to re-coop from my hubs being home. When he is home I get lazy, or something, and I tend to do nothing but dishes. Today I set my timer for my 10 minuets a room and breezed right through my house work. I was even able to get my entry way cleaned up and the screen door cleaned. Impressed? I thought so. even though it WILL need done again, many times a week >>>

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The habit for August is Laundry.

I will give you a short break down of my morning routine. Since I have children, this may vary from yours.

I try to wake 15 minutes before the children, but since that does not always happen, when I crawl out of bed I grab Addie from her bed, put her in her food chair, and grab a handful of Cheerios and head to my bathroom. Since I live in a trailer, I just have to look over my shoulder and I can see Addie (no unattended eating here). I wash my face, brush my teeth, grab my rag and windex and swipe my bathroom sink, counter and mirror. I then swish my toilet, grab same rag used on sink and wipe top, lid, floor, and bowl of toilet. By this time Brianna is up and ready for breakfast, so I make both girls oatmeal or cereal and while they are occupied, I get my dishes unloaded from dishwasher (since I loaded and started it night before) and now my dishwasher is ready for all dishes for the day. Then since my laundry room is right off the kitchen and girls still contained, I start a load of laundry. What I pull out of the dryer is set on kitchen table and I take a break with my children. Of course I come back to my laundry, and fold and put away, most days. I am guilty of it sitting there until the next day, but I do my best to get it put away right when it's done. This Friday I will post my before bed routine! Have a good time FLYing!

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    Wow, I am actually jealous that you can do all of that and still keep an eye on the kiddos. I have one more week before I start FLYing when the kids go back to school. I look forward to hearing your before bedtime routine.


    I am so impressed with you cleaning the bathroom daily. I do mine once a week and I only do the floors every other week. Weird, because I am a clean freak and it bugs me that I am not more "on top of it." Anyhow, you are my hero. You must teach me.