Flybaby Friday!

I don't know what it is about Flylady that just gets you up and moving, but I know I love the result and my hubs is so happy to see the home nice and clean and me happy. I enjoy cleaning now. Yes you heard right, I enjoy cleaning. This week has been very successful. My bedroom got vacuumed for the first time in probably a year.(I know, gross huh, but we sleep in there, and that's it, never crosses my mind to vacuum in there) My kitchen has looked great all week, and what has helped me in there is shining my sink. Once the sink looked great, I had to clean the rest of it! Just had to. So it looks awesome now. Another thing that has helped with the kitchen is I will not leave dirty dishes in there. In the morning I unload it, all day load it up and then at night, after all dishes are in there, start it and start over in the am with unloading. I also have been taking 15 minutes a day and setting my eyes on a Hot Spot or I pick a place to declutter. 15 minutes, not a big deal!

Something I want you to do this week (kind of a challenge) is get a timer, and go into a room, set it for 10 minutes. Clean organize, dust, vacuum whatever in that 10 minutes and when the timer goes off, you are DONE! Stop! "Don't obsess, set your timer for 10 minutes for each task, then QUIT!" ~ Kelly Please refer to the weekly home blessing hour While I take my ten minutes in each room, you may dedicate your time to different tasks. Today will be my first home blessing hour and I choose to do 10 in each room because I have 6 rooms in my home. You may find that it actually take under 10 minutes for a room, especially if you have been doing your swish and swipe in your bathroom(s) it may only take you 5 minutes. What you do with the remaining 5 minutes, totally up to you =]! So what do you say ladies, set your timer and get that grime!!

Your Friday focus is located here!

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    That's a good idea about the timer. If I could just do 10 minutes each day the burden would be so much less! Thanks!!