Getting Involed!

I am on a mission to get more involved with my community.

Where to start?

No idea. But I want to get out there and live. I have been staying home and being with my children but we haven't been living. We have been just being a "paper weight". While we are happy, there is more we can be doing. I am going to call the Chamber of Commerce and see what kind of activities are going on locally.

I know one thing I want to seriously look into is going to the library with their reading group. I have heard about it, thought about going, but never got the information about time and such and just end up, obviously, not going. I need to get these kiddos out of the house more and it can't be healthy for me either to sit here day in and day out. I am finding myself getting nervous about leaving the house and that is going down the same road my mother in law said she traveled and said it was not a happy place. Again I will say, we are happy though. I enjoy my home, and staying home, and having all the time in the day to devote to my children, my home and computer (sad to confess about the computer *blush*)!

Play group. I am going to look for one locally, which I am almost positive there is not one. In a town on 13k I think I would have heard of one. If I do not find one, I think I am going to start one. I have been talking to other mothers around the US that go to them to get the general organization of them and I have full faith that I can make it happen.

I have this idea to talk to my local pet shelter/pound about taking time with the dogs there, getting to know their personality and then promoting them to the public via my blog, facebook, and twitter. (Maybe other outlets if I can find them) They do not have a "no kill policy" so if I can help push those dogs out of the kennels it would be a big deal to me, and I am sure to others as well.

I need to brain storm for other ideas, but please if you have any information about the above or any ideas of activities to look into, let me know. I am taking off the hazard lights, pulling off the shoulder and taking this road we call life, full speed ahead!


    That would be wonderful to work with the shelter!!