Follow up.

I have read and reread and wanted to edit this post. I feel that it sounds so much worse than it ever was. It was never a love issue. I have always loved my husband. I was negitive! That's what it boils down to. I was so negitive that I couldn't see everything that was so great around me. With myself having a sour attitude it reflected on my husband who then was getting depressed. I finally told myself "Enough is enough. Life has so much to offer, so many roads to take and I can't ride like this." I made myself learn to love me. Which in return helped me love those around me even more. I talked to Calvin and as I posted here and we agreed that we would both work on those little things and everything just turned around. We both take in everything around us and admire it. Guess you can say we are just moving out of the fast lane and taking things as the come and not rushing anything.