Hunting in TwentY EleveN

Oh wow!!
Today I shot my first antelope.
It was an amazing time.
Here is the story:

We were all over the mountain, seen many herds of speed goats (aka antelopes) but for some reason, they were already real spooked! So we decided to head to Mountain View for fuel and lunch. On the way our brother Vinnie was falling asleep in the Calvin, being the loving big brother, starts to swerve the truck around to wake him up. He gets jolted awake and looks out his window...
"STOP, antelope"

We stop where it is just behind this little hill, about 110 yards off the road. I was insistent that Calvin get out and fill his tag because I had already stalked a few others and he should have his try. Not the case.... I get out, sneak as quietly as I can over this little hill....

Only to see he has made a Houdini. I sneak up a little more and catch him off to the left side of me about 50 yards out. "Thank you". Now to sit, position and pull... I sit down -in cow poo-, pull my gun up to position, take a deep breath, pray to the Lord to give me steady hands for a one shot, one kill and the wind stopped, my breath evened and I pulled the trigger.

He bolts off...Dangggg! I missed. But wait....waittttt....oh, YES! I see him stumble up a hill and topple head over hoof! He's down, I did it! I really did it!! The adrenaline and shaking come back, I turn around in general direction of truck (because I've walked far enough that I can't see it) and scream "I GOT HIM". He maybe ran 75 yards. One shot! And he is impressive! Especially being my first. He has pretty ivory tips, aged probably 3 years -mind you they only live about 8 years- so he's a mature buck!! He is 14 inches tall.

I am just over the top excited!!

Pictures may contain material not suitable for all...You've been warned ;)