Welcome To History Week

Hello Chums--It has been a little over a year since I have posted a blog but that is about to change!! I have the time, I'm sure I can find a lot to say and here we GO:

About history week-- There has been some activity this last year and I will post this week .only. about what has been on the Page archive.

August 2010>Addie turns 2...she's SO big and I absolutely love my baby girl.

September 2010>We started the adventure of buying a home. It was a long grueling process. There is so much that goes into getting ready to buy a home, finding a home and then even more into getting the home you have come to love... Brianna turns 5! Another year of preschool to better her and how it helped tremendously!! -in fact today she went to kindergarten and did fantastic on the drop off, well get there though!-

Jessica signing off for now!! Welcome me back my fellow bloggers!
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    its been quite a long time. welcome back!