things just seem to PoP in my head like...

I don't remember last week, but I sure will tell you everything from when I was younger! Like songs from shows I would watch as a child, or weird things my mom used to say when I was a child, someones old old phone number, but one thing that I thought about today was Unsolved Mysteries. Watched as a child and as an adult when it was on. Not the new one with...whatever his name is, but the original with Robert Stack! How I remember his name, who the heck knows HAHA! I am always bad with names, but I watched Unsolved Mysteries pretty religiously when it was aired on Lifetime It was just the thing to do haha. So back to my memory, today the opening song danced in and out of my humming then BAM I heard it loud and clear in my head, in my voice mixed with Roberts "Please write to P.O. Box 11449 Burbank California 91510-1449" Now who in their right mind remembers an address at the end of a broadcast and not only remembers it, but for years!?! Obviously ME. It's been how long since the show was on?? Also it's no longer write to, it's email or text or call. None of this hand written, parcel mail stuff. I wonder if that is still a valid address....humm!

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    I love Unsolved Mysteries. I used to watch it all the tim when he was host. His voice fit it perfectly. You know what I always remember? The phone number! 1 800 876 5353 hahaha


    Wow! What a memory! (((smile)))
    I have some things like that, that I can remember too,..but then I can easily forget what day it is,...or where I put my keys!

    How is your short term memory? Mind isn't too good most of the time.

    I am glad you joined in Wednesday' Walk. Jump on over to my blog if you have time.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


    haha now that you stated the number, I totally remember it also! sad sad =]


    Hee Hee that's funny. We're like that over here with adventures in Odyssey. We could quote the address they gave at the end of the show. You're not alone! ha!

    Thanks for joining it - it was nice to meet you.
    Lynnette :)
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground


    Actually, I've been here before...I just don't think I've left a comment yet - have I? :)

    Oh, and you won one of my prizes didn't you! YEAH!

    Anyway, have a nice afternoon.