Play Room Frenzy

This is mucho better! It is this condition I would love to see the play room in. Of course this was all me. Brianna is staying the night at her g-ma's so no help from her this time. I am hoping to work on some kind of system between her and I to keep it picked up!

Then I took these next two pictures just to show I made more room for the many toys, and put the books on that table! I am in search of some sort of book shelf!

Original Post-
The play room is always my issue! The wild excitement a.k.a frenzy of billion of toys to strew across is just not my thing. Why does it excite my child so much that EVERY toy must be on the floor. THEN she will tell me " I wanna to play with my block...out here(living room)" and I have to tell her no because it's always right after I have cleaned and toys should stay in the toy room, that's why I moved them to that room, right?!? We have tried to clean it up every night, but that soon didn't work because she was too tired to clean. Then we tried the mid day before Addie takes a nap, well then it just gets messed up again. I do not know the best way to take care of this! I mean it's not a BIG deal that its a complete wreck, but then again it interferes with my OCD and needs to be clean sometimes. I am working with Brianna on chores and helping me out, but the play room she refuses to do! Maybe the issue for her is so many places to put toys. I am thinking of investing in just one big toy box. Clean up would be so much easier but then I have this feeling things will be harder to get to! It's a never ending frenzy!

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    Hey Jessica, you're a winner! You won the Victora Magazine subscription in my giveaway. Email me with your address so I can get it ordered for you.


    I am totally feeling you. Sometimes I follow Kyndra and pick up after her. lol


    I wanna play! hehe


    This is what our play room looks like daily. I don't clean it up with the kids, till before bedtime :)


    Great job on the room!