NOT ME! Monday!

Children can be so unpredictable. You think a long day at the park and in and out of the swimming pool at grandmas would make any child have a good night sleep, well not my child. At an early 3am I peek from under my covers to my almost 4yr old wide eyed and hungry. Being a great mother I did indeed get out of bed and wash some grapes for her to munch. No one would ever let their child fend for them selves into the fridge and eat unwashed grapes. Not Me!

Being a house wife is a very privileged job. My hubby could send me to work, and I am sure has thought about it. It is fair that he makes the money to pay the bills and keep family housed and fed and I stay home with kids, clean, make dinner, and all other house duties. So when I say that my hubby comes home to a messy house, unfolded laundry and sometimes has to cook, you would know I was fibbing, right?!?

When your children watch T.V you monitor what they watch. Most people do at least. I mean there are just some things that are not for children. Your children hears "Are you ready kids?" and they wonder into the room, knowing Sponge Bob is about to start. If your child came to the sound of "insert Law&Order tune" is there something wrong with this!?! Law&Order is not my daughters favorite show, nor does she love Olivia Benson and actually knows her real name is Mariska! Not Me! My Daughter!

((Please note, my daughter is very advanced for her age, and she knows that it is all fake! If it's a story I find would not be in her best interest, trust me I do change the channel. Please no bashing))

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    I love Law & Order SVU!