Blog Hop...Ribbit.

MckLinky blog hop: theme: 3 things you didn't know about me. This could get interesting.

I hold many secrets. Not because they are about people, or I know something like undercover-ish but because they tend to be just embarrassing! It's ok to laugh at me as I pull 3 things out of my "Never tell or forever be laughed at" box.

One: Do you take your time flipping through magazines in hopes to find one that really catches your eyes, put in cart and move on. Well I try to look as if I am doing just that, but I have no intent to buy. I am simply trying to find the one that smells the best! I know weird right. I smell and move on. The ones with the "try me" perfume, GaG! That just messed up the whole thing for me. My favorite (that's right I am going to tell you the best smelling magazine) is Better Homes & Garden. Now next time you are in the store, I am sure you will pick one up just for a sniff...won't you?! And now you are smiling thinking, yeah I probably will.

Two: Things people eat can vary in big ways. Sometimes a little something added is no big deal, other times people will gawk and think "She must be pregnant" So if you see me eating cottage cheese that reeks of garlic, or saltine crackers with chocolate frosting a top, maybe even jalapenos in my spaghetti, don't look for a baby bump, some things are just better modified.

Three: Marriage is a beautiful thing. My hubs and I have been married for 4 strong years. We have grown so much, we have learned to love or deal with quirks each other presents, and our two biggest relationship holds are God and communication. One thing you may not know about our relationship is it actually started 6 years ago. So you want to crunch some numbers. 4 years married, 6 year relationship total, I am 22 years old, hubs is 27, almost 28 (in november) So 6 years ago he was = 22 (when we got together) and I was..... = 15 (turning 16 the following March). 6 years apart, quite the difference, so don't be fooled by people who say age differences can be bad!

MckLinky Blog Hop


    I've never heard of someone sniffing magazines. That's a first! :) Everyone has their own weird combinations they like to eat...some weirder than others. lol


    hehe, I will have to sniff a Better Homes and Gardens magazine now. I bet it smells like a craft store. I love craft store smell. lol
    Congrats on you and your husband being together for so long.

    Happy Blog hopping!


    Just blog hopping and enjoyed reading your blog. Love learning more about my new friends.