Highschool Highlights.

We have all been there done that when it comes to talk about High School. Even if you were home schooled, those years were tough! I know that I was never the popular kid, but I sure did try! I tended to follow trends, give in to peer pressure, but I also became myself in all that madness. I found the trends I didn't give up, I found friends I still love til' this day and I find myself following fashion must do's and don'ts! Where am I going with this... take a look below at the 2 pictures.
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Yes that is my headband and totally rocking purse that I sported today. I went to far to transfer diapers, wipes and all mother/child needs to this purse so I could be sure to stun someone with my fashion awesomeness! I also wore a yellow tank under my brown tank, sorry no pic! I know, you are thinking, she is fabulous! No, I just had to laugh at myself for making everything flow together. I mean a purse to match...really, who does that! But it is pretty rockin huh! =]

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    My mom does that. :)


    Rockin' Girl!

    You are stylin'!!!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


    Very cool Mom!!! Thanks for sharing!