Ahh the Joys of Motherhood

Do you feel like you are running around in circles, your house will never be clean, you just may loose your mind...I can bet you are a mother. This week you will step into my life as a mother of two energetic, outgoing, driving mother crazy daughters in Because children live here.

Its a nice summer day, you hear laughter, lemonade quenches your thirst, and your children are wild baboons running about and making you smile. The beautiful day God blessed you with comes to an end so you head inside, put on a movie and snuggle close. The next morning, you decide to take a seat outside by yourself for one minute with your precious children lay restless, and your yard is a mess. You swore the balls were gathered, the snack plate taken inside, and bikes put in their parking area, you were wrong.

Toys scattering your lawn...

Because children live here.

Potty training, oh what a blessing. I love the age of diapers, but the diapers them selves, not so much. So my oldest has been trained since she was just shy of two, but there are some things they just forget about. Wiping, it's a big deal, they have to take that much more time out of playing. Then flushing, wow, more moments taken away from the toys unplayed with for seconds, it's rough. So my daughter takes her bathroom breaks and I always say, don't forget to wipe sweetie. Then pitter patter to the toy room or back out side begins and I then have to say, "Oops, you forgot to flush!" Where am I going with this well...

Toilets get broke from hurried flushing...

Because children live here.

Sunrise (and sunset) are blessings in disguise. Sunrise begins a glorious day and sunset is another day survived (if you are a mother this makes perfect sense) But when sunrise is not your ideal time to wake, the blessing is hard to believe in. That was the case this week. My youngest daughter, who now I know is cutting teeth, decided 10 til 3:00am was a good time to wake. She fussed some so I gave her the binki, got back to bed and she was fussing again. This time we shared a moment over a bottle, and I laid her back down and she was calm for 10 minutes or so. My hubs then got up around 3:12am and he was back and forth with her a few times before I said to just bring her into bed with me. She then thought it was play time. Karate chopping my face, laughing, kicking...out of bed we went. Guess she was ready to be awake, mommy, yea...NO! She did go back to sleep about 5:30 am but I had already had 2 cups of coffee, so there was no sleeping for me at that time.

Seeing the sun rise...

Because children live here.

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    Love the broken toilet =)


    I like the seeing the sunrise... That says it all. Happy Thursday !


    stopped over from Lynnette's blog. Great pictures. Isn't Motherhood wonderful? hehe I wouldn't trade it for the world.


    Jessica, I remember those kinds of things when my kids were little. Sometimes you are so tired from lack of sleep and chasing kids all day that you don't think you will survive! Ha! But somehow mama's get through it all. And here I am with grown up kids in their 30's and 40's and they all have kids of their own,...and the cycle continues. Life is good! We should enjoy ever minute that God gives us huh? (((smile)))


    Ah, don't you just love those early mornings. Neither of my kids sleep past 6am no matter what time of year. I'm not big on coffee, but after reading this post, I just may start drinking it so I can function from going to bed at 11:30, up at 3:00 for a feeding and up at 6:00 for the day. Ugh!


    Oh my gosh the string hanging out of where the toilet handle should be is hilarious. I could so see us rigging something like that up.


    Ha ha...LOVED the commentary with the pictures. The beautifully irritating joys of having children. :)

    Thanks for sharing your pictures today.


    Sounds like a day in the life of me :)


    toys in the yard - check!

    broken toilet - check!

    see the sunrise - check!

    because kids live at my house too. they love the backyard, they stand on the toilet to reach the sink and have broken the lid and I have 3 early risers. :) fun post!