Baby Genius...Perhaps

When your children are playing and entertaining themselves you are usually busy picking up toys, getting dishes washed ECT. Well that was just the site today in the kitchen! As Addie was taking all the magnetic alphabet off of the fridge I was getting the dishes loaded in the dish washer and clearing the counters.

I look over and notice she is putting letters back to the fridge and I was pleased that my 11 month old child was cleaning her mess up! As I finish getting the kitchen tidy I look to see she only has a select few on the fridge. Of course as a mother I got to pick up the remaining letters on the fridge, but not before I notice what letters she has put back on!

Can you guess what her Grandmothers name is?

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    Hmmm quite interesting!


    I came across your blog from MckMama's blog. Before I read the post I thought someone was trying to spell Sunday since that is when the post was written. But now, since reading, I am guessing Sandy. :) How cute.
    And about this whole flylady thing. It is my resolution that once life gets back to normal (ie summer time is over) that I am going to fly!! I so badly need it and I really think it will improve the over all tone of the household and make my husband fall deeper in love with me if he isn't moving 2-3 loads of clean unfolded laundry off the couch just so he can sit next to me. :) Thanks for the encouraging flylady posts. (and sorry for being longwinded)