F.L.Y with me (F.inally L.ove Y.ourself)

I have been referred to a site that is for cleaning. That's the best way I can put it. Wait something else came to mind, a program to reconstruct your cleaning habits. Whatever sounds better, you choose. One thing that caught my eye in the Welcome email was this from her personal experience.

The tenth thing I learned was that clutter in a room overwhelmed me and I had a hard time moving. I guess this is why I tried to find things outside of our home to do instead of having to think about cleaning house because it bothered me.

This is totally me! I often go to my mothers home or to the park or any where to avoid and not see my home and clutter. Also refered to is CHAOS which means "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome". Again totally me! I do not like that Calvin will get off of the phone and tell me his mother is coming over and I get a panic attach and hurry to make my house company ready. While this does not usually take a whole lot because I am not disgusting, I would like it to look a lot better and not roughly cleaned. It is explained that house work should not be punishment, but as a way to love yourself because we deserve to live in a home that blesses us day in and day out! Not just when company is coming!

When she says "It all began with being nice to myself!" I then think this is my time to be nice to myself! But not only to myself but my husband. He deserves a home that is clean, and not cluttered with dishes not done and laundry everywhere (usually clean)! This all plays into my Top Ten! So if you live in CHAOS and you want to FLY please log onto http://www.flylady.net/ and join her site, get the emails and every Friday right here on my blog we will do FLYbaby Friday. I want you to share pictures of the before and after you unclutter, or tell us what day you are on in the baby steps section. I recommend signing up for the emails as they are very inspirational and motivational. Some have missions, others are success stories. I am super motivated to get my house together and learn good habits of cleaning.

Have you shined your sink today?

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    I do the cleaning thing b/f people come over.