I did not realize...

...how hard it is to get things settled and ready for a giveaway. I would like to have a huge post about it but I am just a bit lost. So this is a ramble about what I am working on and a tid of information on the giveaway.

I would love to have a button for all my compadres (that's you) to put up on your blog and tell everyone about, but wouldn't you know, I have no idea how to make a button box. I am still working on figuring that out.

I have had 2 loverly ladies volunteer their magic of making into my giveaway. I am thankful for that. Thank you Carri (@BoogerBear) and Erin (@Homemade Love) I am very excited to show you what they have to offer.

My blog "birthday" is at the end of this month, but in order to really get things together I may push the "party" until May 1st. I am sure you can understand, and a give away is a giveaway weather it's on time or not. I have some organized thoughts about what the week should be like but once they are on paper...er computer, they are not as organized.

This is what you get with someone as random as I! Stick with me as I figure out my first TRUE giveaway. Any tips you may have, that would be helpful also. Thank you!

(PS) Holly, remember when you won here? Yea, I have NOOO idea what happened but your prize was misplaced (awesome, right?) but it has been found and will be in the mail tomorrow (Tuesday). Also Sam@Sailor&Co.I still need your address, as I just realized I do not have it for your (also misplaced) prize.


    Ooo! Thanks!! :)