Have you notice....

my photography? A few tips and tricks applied here and there and my photos are not looking to bad. Do you agree? Well I took another "photo-op" today while the children and I played in the hall with Arlo and Woodie. OMG, did I introduce Woodie?? Oh well see below for that, as I am sure I didn't...Actually, SHE needs a whole post to herself, watch for it.


On with the pictures you say? Okay.
Arlo and Woodie


Arlo and Woodie



Do you remeber when i said I would like to feature my husband here in this post, well I am going to work on him this weekend since he is off and see if he can't muster us a post about "Living with Perthis."


    Great pictures!

    I just wanted to remind you that week one of 4 begins today! I'd love to hear your responses and your story to the question of favorite foods. I hope you link up! :)



    Yeah, they're looking good!