Today is Tuesday!

( lack of words for a will do!)
I remember someone having a "Because children live here"... it's been awhile since I have seen it going on, but this would be mine. Addisyn has figured out how to twist and turn knobs. To prevent fires or uncooked food (yes, have had food turned off, but no fires) I removed the knobs. It can tend to be a pain but as always, safety first.

A princess lives here. What? You didn't know. We are loving the moments when she wants to sing us made-up songs, be announced as today's beauty pageant contestant, dance, twirl and tumble her way on to the "stage" and entertain our family, daily. I can really see her personality shinning through. 

Don't worry MckMama, my floor needs to be swept also. I broke my broom the other morning when I was sweeping my car off. I have ran the vacuum over it a few times (not today obviously) but there is just something about that carpet sweeper and doing a good job on my linoleum floors.


Do you like giveaways?  I am working on a big giveaway week in honor of 1 year of blogging. Fun, right? Please, tell your friends to stop by, I think they could also enjoy it. Post with all details coming soon.


    Love the Princess :) My kitchen floor looks the same as well :P

    ...lmk if you need something for the giveaway ;)


    Yay! Giveaways!

    Lynnette used to have those posts.