Simplify for Sanity!

Ok, just say it... SLACKER!

I have been cleaning, and decluttering, I just have not been posting. Or doing any before/after pictures. But I decided after I threw out a toilert paper bag full of junk from under my bathrrom sink yesturday that I had been do something for the blog-a-roo. I was avoiding my blog, yes! I am still so crammed with how to do the whole thing. I may just do a one day give away! How does that sound?

Moving on, I will come back to that in another post. Ok on with the cleaning. Want to see what I have been up to?

Stove- this is a catch all, not any more!
(don't mind laundry back there, it was clothes day)

Counter- I really should have taken before pictures. This area was awefully crowded.
I love the open space I now have.

Bathroom- I don't understand why the top of the bathroom counter
is always so pilled with things. This looks a lot better.
Maybe one reason it get's so crowded up top is because...

There are useless amounts of things you don't use under the sink where things you should use.
Like you see in this (now) garbage bag.

Helps to have some sort of organization under the sink as well. Look how fancy.
(Until you lose some thing down that massive hole!)

So I haven't been on track with Lynnette exactly but I haven't been completely worthless either.


    Great cleaning and organizing! I know I free much better when there's less clutter in cupboards and on counters


    Congrats slacker. JUST TEASING!!!!
    Seriously though - good job. Everything looks so fresh and lovely- all the way down to the hanging bananas.


    lol! I just cleaned our bathroom/hallway closet and threw away 3 bags full of junk!!! it is amazing how much accumulates over time! good for you... your simplifying looks great!

    thanks for following our blog! nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you!

    have a GREAT day!


    It looks GREAT Jessica...even though you may have slacked a little ;)